A 20-year-old woman died of a rare brain condition weeks after a sudden collapse at a Leeds store

A 20-year-old woman went shopping on her birthday before collapsing and dying weeks later.

Brazil Walsh, known as Be, from Huddersfield, was a ‘fit and healthy’ person who always enjoyed sports, from horse riding to becoming a ‘master of judo’ – earning a black belt in the sport. On April 24, 2022, Be went out shopping in Leeds for the day to celebrate his 20th birthday.

But sadly, soon after, the trip left the Honley resident collapsing and in a coma. On Friday, June 3, Walsh sadly passed away, leaving those who loved her “absolutely heartbroken.”

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Being collapsed at Harvey Nichols in Briggate, before being rushed to St James University Hospital, reports a family friend. She was later transferred to Leeds General Infirmary where she was diagnosed with encephalitis.

The rare but serious brain inflammation attacked the memory and vision part of his brain. Family member Kirsty Marshall, on behalf of Be’s mother, Lilibeth Walsh, said: “After many tests and many doctors not only in Leeds but also in London and Oxford, he was finally diagnosed. Unfortunately, there is no cure and his brain could no longer cope, the virus had spread everywhere.

“In the advanced stages, individuals may lose the ability to walk, as their muscles stiffen or tense. There is a gradual deterioration up to a coma. Within weeks, Be went from being forgetful but able to speak to an inability to communicate at all.

Brazil Walsh collapsed on her 20th birthday while out shopping. She was unknowingly living with brain inflammation, and weeks later sadly passed away

“Be was a fun-loving, passionate and caring young woman. She was fit, healthy and a master of judo.”

Best friend Mia Cruickshanks said: “Brazil collapsed and was taken to hospital on her birthday. She spent nearly five weeks battling Dawson’s disease. On June 3, Brazil was gained her angel wings.

“We (her best friends) are heartbroken and want to help her give her the most amazing send off. Anyone who knows Brazil knows she was the most amazing, beautiful, kind, sweetest young woman. funniest and most talented who was loved beyond measure.”

Brazil, known as Be, loved sports and was a
Brazil, known as Be, loved sports and was a “master” in judo. She was a ‘fit and healthy’ person before finding out about her diagnosis

Be’s family and friends are now planning to raise £1,000 for the 20-year-old’s funeral.

“Additionally, they want to educate young people about brain inflammation – we hope this will help save even one life from this horrible virus,” they said.

Be’s former riding instructor is also hosting a fundraising event on June 25 at the stables where Be used to train.

Trainer Emma Louise said: “I was her riding instructor at Bradshaw Road Stables and Riding School for many years. She was part of the stables family. Eventually she pursued his judo at a high level.

“We are heartbroken and want to help give him the most incredible send-off. We also want to donate money to charity.

“We’re having a fundraising ride. We want to see as many faces as possible on foot or on horseback. We’ll be carrying fundraising buckets.”

To donate to the Go Fund Me in honor of Brazil Walsh click here.

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