‘A game-changer’: Campaigners claim Leeds United offered to buy historic TV Harrison Sports Ground to save it from development

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Leeds City Boys’ former home is said to be ‘destroyed’, say campaigners as TV Harri…

But campaigners have warned the site, formerly home to Leeds City Boys, is a piece of footballing history that must be preserved, and have unofficially repurposed the ground as a football ground in 2020.

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Michael Meadowcroft, as well as activists on the site.

Michael Meadowcroft, who chairs the TV Harrison Sports Ground Association, claimed this week that Leeds United had agreed to step in to bid for the ground and save it from development.

However, Leeds United have refused to confirm this is the case, while Leeds City Council and the Leeds Schools Sports Association have not commented on the claims.

Speaking exclusively to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Mr Meadowcroft said: “The news of Leeds United’s offer to buy the TV Harrison Sports Ground is a game-changer and gives a huge boost to the campaign to save this ground from historical sport.

“Our Association will be delighted to work alongside Leeds United in all of the club’s plans to safeguard and develop the historic Wortley Sports Ground. Leeds United have always sought out talented local players and TV Harrison Sports Ground has consistently been on the list. grounds to visit.to be visited by its scouts.For over a hundred years the famous Leeds City Boys have played here and it is the team that has nurtured so many of Leeds United’s famous old boys

“For the group, after three years of struggling to win a legal action against the City Council, involving Leeds United in this way is a complete game-changer.

“They bring Leeds United’s massive fan base behind the campaign, and I can’t see how that can be anything other than a tremendous boost in saving this historic sporting ground.

“It’s really the catalyst for broad public support.

“Leeds United have a great connection with this sports ground – there is a large catalog of Leeds United players who have played there.

“You can’t build houses at the cost of everything else. It’s like asking if they’d be nice if they wanted to build houses in City Square – they won’t. It’s a matter of where and when.”

Responding to the claims, a Leeds United spokesman said: “Although it would be inappropriate for us to comment at this stage, we are very aware of the situation at TV Harrison Sports Ground.”

The ground was once home to the Leeds City Boys football team, where footballing legends such as David Batty, Brian Deane and Stuart McCall first came to prominence. It has been restored by the community in recent years, having been officially closed since 2004. It has been used for informal football matches and fundraising activities.

Leeds City Council‘s Municipal Plans Committee approved general plans for the construction of 61 social housing units on the site at a meeting in September 2021.

Following a petition by campaigners to the High Court for judicial review, the council’s decision not to designate the site as ‘asset of community value’ was later ruled illegal in January 2022.

Leeds City Council did not comment on Mr Meadowcroft’s claims, saying the site was still majority owned by the Leeds Schools Sports Association.

The Leeds Schools Sports Association has been approached for comment.

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