‘A Royal Runaway Romance’ review: Princess Amelia’s adventurous journey is remarkable

Hallmark brings the best of romantic comedies and “A Royal Runaway Romance” is indeed a great movie to watch. After all, who doesn’t love watching rom-coms starring royalty? Well, this movie will make you fall in love with America.

“A Royal Runaway Romance” revolves around Princess Amelia of Bundbury (Philippa Northeast) who prepares to succeed her mother Ava (Sarah Jane Redmond) as queen in a year. She falls in love with Wes (Andre Anthony), the American artist commissioned to create her royal portrait. The Queen, however, makes it clear that Wes is not the right person for Amelia, so when the entertainer returns to Chicago, Amelia finds another excuse to visit the United States: her Uncle Andreas’ (Vincent Gale) upcoming birthday. . It’s the ideal strategy… Except that Andreas’ house in Beverly Hills is too far from Chicago for Wes to meet her.


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His mother insists on accompanying him on his trip and confiscates his passport, making a quick flight to Chicago difficult. The biggest challenge, however, comes when Amelia discovers that Andreas’ loyal bodyguard, Grady (Brant Daugherty), has been ordered to accompany her at all times. Amelia, undeterred by the fact that she wants to visit Wes, decides to steal Grady’s car and drive to Chicago. When Amelia’s handsome bodyguard discovers her intentions and informs her uncle, Andreas agrees to help on one condition: Grady must accompany him. America-obsessed Amelia takes the trip of a lifetime across the country with Grady in Andreas’ vintage car – and perhaps her last chance to be free before taking on Queen’s responsibilities.

‘A Royal Runaway Romance’ (Hallmark)

The first shared look between Grady and Amelia started with in-story quips. Their trip, however, was quite an adventure I believe, as they stopped at places and explored the towns in between. By the time they were all at Nebraska Grady, Grady and Amelia were in love.

Indeed, the film begins with a vibe similar to a royal movie, in which the royal family should not marry someone who is not a member of the royal family. However, the movie has a great story, and it’s incredibly fun to watch Amelia and Grady banter throughout the movie. If you like romantic comedies, “A Royal Runaway Romance” should be on your watch list. Grady drops Amelia off in Chicago, but did she really go with Wes once she realized she loved Gardy? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

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