Boris Johnson accused of flouting the request to wear a mask in the theater | Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson once again flouted official requests to wear a mask as he watched a performance of Macbeth at a busy north London theater on Tuesday night, witnesses said.

The Prime Minister was in the audience to see the Shakespearean tragedy at the Almeida Theater in Islington, after a scorching few days in which backbench Tories accused him of losing the plot.

Three other members of the audience said Johnson did not wear a face cover during the performance, despite requests from the theater that visitors wear one at all times when not eating or drinking. He was pictured in the auditorium with a mask around his chin and again in a public area of ​​the theater without any masks, alongside someone suspected of being a relative.

A member of the audience seated next to him in the auditorium said Johnson “coughed and spat” during the performance without wearing a face covering and “spoke all the time,” which added to an impression ” arrogance ”.

Ticket holders received an email before the show, saying, “Remember to wear a face covering at all times throughout the building, unless you are exempt.”

The theater has a message on its website saying it is asking all patrons to wear a mask in the theater, including during the performance, to protect “all of our staff, cast and other members of the public from Covid.” . Theater goers were asked to wear masks when entering and there were signs around the building asking for the mask to be worn.

A second witness seated in another part of the room said most people in the theater were playing by the rules, but the Prime Minister did not put his mask back on until the end when the lights came back on.

And a third audience member from across the auditorium said she saw him not wearing a mask for the first half, and while he was in the bar with his fellow guest. He is believed to have his mask wrapped around his chin during the first half and completely off during the second half.

The government’s face covering guidelines define it as “something that securely covers the nose and mouth.” He adds: “It is expected and recommended that you continue to wear a face covering in crowded, enclosed spaces where you come into contact with people you don’t usually meet.”

Downing Street did not deny that Johnson did not wear a mask to the theater but said he “follows all the rules of Covid”.

Johnson’s apparent decision not to wear a mask at the Almeida comes after he was previously criticized for not wearing a mask while sitting next to David Attenborough, 95, atop the Cop26, while with medical staff in a hallway at Hexham Hospital and on a train to Manchester. The Prime Minister apologized for the incident at the hospital, although he said it lasted “barely 30 seconds”.

He recently wore one while sitting in the House of Commons, together with other prominent MPs.

Johnson has been in hot water for the past few days because of his handling of various policy areas, from railways to social services, as well as his chaotic speech at the CBI on Monday. During the speech, he lost his place in the text for about 20 seconds, saying “forgive me” three times, then turned away at length from Peppa Pig World, which he visited on Sunday with his wife and youngster. child.

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Edward L. Robinett