Boris Johnson approached by anti-Putin campaigner to freeze Russian assets in UK

London-based anti-Putin campaigner Andrei Sidelnikov has urged UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to freeze the assets of thousands of pro-Putin Russians residing in the UK in a bid to disassociate them from their involvement with the Russian Federation. Sidelnikov earlier in March sent a letter to the British Prime Minister to cancel diplomatic relations with Russia. Before the war, he sent a list to Prime Minister Johnson that included the names of 99 Russians who supported Russian President Vladimir Putin and another 100 names have been added to the list since the February 24 invasion.

Andrei Sidelnikov said he told Prime Minister Boris Johnson to seize the assets and bank accounts of emigrants with unexplained wealth, links to the Russian Embassy in London, links to pro-Putin oligarchs and people involved in the organization of cultural events related to the Russian state. , as reported by The Guardian. The opposition activist informed that he had found a campaign group, “Speak Up”, and that they are part of the “Revenge” project, collecting the names of Russians who support Putin.

“From this moment on, all the people who supported this criminal regime must answer for this,” said Sidelnikov, who was granted political asylum in Britain in 2008, after issuing a death threat if he remained in Russia. “[If we] don’t close such doors to supporters of Putin’s criminal regime, then war will come to us,” the Guardian reported.

Letter from Andrei Sidelnikov to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Sidelnikov, in a letter sent in March, called on the British Prime Minister to stop issuing visas to Russian citizens until stricter immigration controls are put in place, and to push the Treaty Organization to the North Atlantic (NATO) to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. He demanded tougher legal penalties for British lawyers and financiers who helped bribe Russian emigrants. “In the future, it must be a criminal offense to have relations with Russians who support the fascist regime.” Although aware that such actions could fuel Russophobia in the UK, Sidelnikov added: “The problem is that there are so many [many] Russian citizens who supported Putin’s criminal regime. It is very difficult to find them because there are thousands, not 10 or 100, or 700. The Russian community is very angry with what I say because many of them have links to the Putin regime .

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