Boris Johnson could double energy bill loan to £400 amid rising prices next month

Boris Johnson could double the energy loan from £200 to £400 as concerns over the cost of living continue to grow.

Mr Johnson’s spokesman hinted that more help may be available as they consider how to support families during this ‘difficult time’.

They said: “We will continue to give people the support they need through this difficult time, as we have done during the pandemic.

“We continue to monitor the situation – we recognize the impact of rising wholesale gas prices and gasoline prices and the impact of that on families.”

A Treasury source added: “We don’t know where energy prices will be when the next decision on the cap is made and it would be irresponsible to decide on a policy response until we have more certainty.”

28 million households will receive an initial refund

The government will give Britain’s 28 million households an initial £200 rebate on their energy bills from October. This will be recouped by raising bills by £40 a year over five years from 2023.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has also promised a £150 council tax refund for homes in Bands A to D.

Sir Keir told the Commons: ‘The big bet behind this policy was that energy costs would fall rapidly after a short spike. This bet now seems doomed to failure. When will the Prime Minister force the Chancellor to turn around? »

Mr Johnson replied: ‘The Chancellor has set out plans to help families with energy costs with unprecedented action to cut council tax by £150 on top of all the other schemes we offer.

“Yes, he is absolutely right that we have to deal with the long term impacts of soaring energy prices and that is why I will be presenting an energy independence plan for this country over the next few days to ensure that we undo some of the damage caused by previous decisions taken, including by the Labor Government, not to invest in nuclear, and to prepare our people for the long term and their sustainable and cost-effective energy supply .

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Edward L. Robinett