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Polling firms Electoral Calculus and Find Out Now have predicted a 5% swing from the Conservative Party to the Labor Party in local elections in England and Wales on May 5. They say if similar losses hit the Tories in a general election, Labor would become the biggest party in Parliament – 15 MPs short of a majority and dependent on a deal being struck with Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP .

Electoral Calculus founder Martin Baxter has warned the UK will pay the price, with Ms Sturgeon getting her way to stage a Scottish independence referendum to tear the Union apart.

Mr Baxter told The Telegraph’s Chopper Politics Podcast: ‘We would probably look at a Labor minority government which could be backed by the Lib Dems if they are lucky.

“But that would probably be more likely to lead to SNP support. And obviously the price of that SNP support would probably be a second independence referendum.

Pollsters predicted Labor would make gains of 835, giving the party 3,722 predicted quarters.

While predicting the Tories would likely be hit by a devastating loss of 810 seats – with their districts dropping from 1,965 to 1,155.

In a blow to Mr Johnson, pollsters have warned the Wandsworth stronghold could be taken by Labour, along with Barnet, Harlow, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Southampton and Thurrock.

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But Mr Baxter said Sir Keir was struggling to create “enthusiasm” among Labor voters.

He added: “If you can remember Tony Blair, there was a lot of excitement about him at the time. People were encouraged to vote for him.

“Keir Starmer has yet to show that. There have yet to be any election victories without a proven enthusiasm from the British public to bring in Labor and the Conservatives.”

Mr Johnson’s tenure as Prime Minister has been marred by several scandals.

And the latest, which saw him fined for breaking the laws after attending a party at the height of the Covid pandemic, saw him come under renewed pressure to resign.

He was fined for a birthday party held in his honor in the Cabinet Room in June 2020 at a time when indoor socializing was prohibited.

After facing accusations of hypocrisy for not following the rules and allegations of lying to MPs, Mr Johnson told a press conference in Kent: ‘You’re going to have to wait until I come to Parliament, then of course I’ll set the record straight in whatever way I can.”

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