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The Treasurer of the 1922 Committee warned that the eviction Boris Johnson would mean a leadership vacuum during a “really bad situation” citing the cost of living crisis.

Geoffrey Clifton Brown claimed that a leadership race would take at least eight weeks due to the lack of a clear successor to the prime minister.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said:

Meanwhile, there will be a complete stasis of leadership in this country at a time when we are in a really serious situation with the cost of living crisis, potentially with rail strikes.

And the other problem is, who would you have? There will be at least five or six candidates applying for the position.

Someone will emerge, but there will be many colleagues who did not vote for that particular candidate.

This candidate will then have the task of bringing the party together, trying to solve all the problems facing the country. And I think for now, for me, we should leave things as they are.

Nicholas Slawson

The Deputy Prime Minister said he believed the number of letters that had been submitted to Graham Brady is “far enough” from the amount required to trigger a vote of confidence.

Dominique Raab said he did not believe the former minister Andrea Leadsom submitted a letter to the 1922 Committee.

Speaking to Times Radio, Raab said:

First of all, you said that there were 30 deputies who were [in their criticism of the prime minister]. Of course, there are more than 350 Conservative MPs.

Presenter Aasmah Mir replied, “Well, you have to get to 54, so that’s not that far, is it?”

Raab said:

Well, if you’re 30, what you just said, I think you’re pretty far off, but what I’m saying is that even then, in terms of supporting the Prime Minister, the overwhelming majority has not been made public on this kind of criticism.

Although in fairness, I want to say that I understand the frustrations and concerns.

MPs who publicly criticize Boris Johnson do not mean they have submitted a letter.

Outlining his thoughts on Leadsom’s letter to constituents shared on social media, which was critical of Prime Minister Raab, said:

I have known Andrea for a long time, we arrived as deputies, I hold her in high esteem.

I think it’s clear that she is expressing her frustration, she didn’t send a letter as far as I know, she didn’t say that.

The most important thing is that the Prime Minister has addressed all these points [and] revised Operation #10.

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