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Speaking to broadcasters at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, Boris Johnson said: “I spoke to Volodymyr (Zelensky) again yesterday and of course I understand what he is saying about NATO and the reality of the position. And everyone has always said – and we have made it clear to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin – that there is no chance that Ukraine will join NATO anytime soon .

“But the decision on the future of Ukraine must be with the Ukrainian people, and Volodymyr Zelensky is their elected leader and we will support him.

“And the most important thing is that Putin’s aggression, his absolutely barbaric attacks on Ukraine must stop and they must not be considered successful, and they will not succeed.”

On Tuesday, Zelensky expressed frustration that Ukraine was not allowed to join NATO, which could have shielded it from invasion due to the alliance’s mutual defense policy.

He said the alliance’s “open door” policy had not worked for Ukraine,

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“Of course Ukraine is not a NATO member, we understand that,” he told EU leaders.

“We have heard for many years about open doors, but we have also heard that we cannot enter these doors.

“It’s the truth and we just have to accept it as it is.”

He said other countries bordering Russia should consider their “independent defense capabilities” outside of NATO.

“Many international companies have not yet withdrawn from the Russian market despite severe sanctions being introduced,” he said.

These companies “do not care about the 97 children who have been killed so far”.

He called for Russian navy ships to be barred from ports around the world and for all Russian banks to be barred from the Swift financial messaging system.

He said: “We need to recognize Russia as a rogue state and there needs to be a trade embargo with Russia. It’s something we need and you need as well, just like the rest of the world, to make sure there is peace in Europe and Ukraine.”

Boris Johnson led the meeting of the Joint Expeditionary Force nations – Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

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