Boris Johnson latest: Tory MP slammed for defending Khan as Starmer accuses Sunak of ‘ranking hypocrisy’

Tory MP walks out of court after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy

Tory MP Crispin Blunt has been called ‘shameful’ after standing up for Imran Ahmad Khan, a Wakefield MP expelled from the party following his conviction in a child sex offense case.

On Monday, Khan was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy more than a decade before he entered parliament and is now awaiting a sentencing.

Slamming his sentencing, Mr Blunt, also chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Global LGBT+ Rights, said Khan had been the victim of an “appalling miscarriage of justice” and his sentencing would be “an international scandal”. . “terrible” consequences for gay Muslims around the world.

His comments drew widespread condemnation from several members, with SNP MPs Martin Docherty-Hughes and Stewart McDonald stepping down as vice-presidents and calling on him to stand down.

Meanwhile, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer has accused Chancellor Rishi Sunak of “ranking hypocrisy” for using “plans” to reduce his tax burden as the cost of living crisis worsens.

The beleaguered multi-millionaire chancellor is facing questions over his family’s tax arrangements and has written to the PM demanding an inquiry just days later The Independent revealed his wife’s “non-dom” tax status.


ICYMI: Johnson orders ethics investigation into Rishi Sunak

Boris Johnson has asked his independent ethics adviser Lord Geidt to investigate Rishi Sunak.

But Downing Street said the Prime Minister continued to have “full confidence” in the Chancellor, following revelations from The Independent about his wife’s ‘non-dom’ tax status and that Mr Sunak held a US green card while a minister.

No 10 did not have a deadline for the completion of the inquiry, which will examine whether the Chancellor’s outside interests had been properly declared. A spokesperson said the outcome of the investigation will be released “in a timely manner”, but did not commit to the full investigation being released.

Rishi Sunak’s wife avoids tax thanks to non-dom status

Mr Johnson’s decision to ask Christopher Geidt to lead an investigation came after the Chancellor on Sunday called for a review of all declarations of interests since he became minister in 2018 to ensure they had been correctly formulated.

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How Rishi Sunak went from ‘next prime minister’ to fighting for his job

Fresh-faced, he was highly regarded and largely spared the “Partygate” scandal that threatened to sink his boss, an escape artist who made a career out of getting away with it, one twist of phrase at a time.

No longer the spendthrift Chancellor who led the emergency economic response to the pandemic two years ago and enjoyed being the face of the £69billion furlough scheme, Mr Sunak has been under the squeeze ever since March 23.

Despite a crowd-pleasing fuel tax cut, a YouGov poll found 69 per cent of Britons believe the Chancellor has not done enough to help workers out of financial hardship.

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and his wife Akshata Murthy leave 10 Downing Street

(James Veysey/Shutterstock)

Read this report by Joe Sommerlad on how the Chancellor named as a potential frontrunner for the top job came under fire over family tax arrangements and the cost of living crisis

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Explained: Tories should fear the impact of this week’s miserly pension hike

To understand the political damage that this week’s 3.1% pension hike can cause, one need only recall electoral demographics. Britain’s pensioners gave Boris Johnson his majority in parliament in 2019, and what they give they can take back. Indeed, during the decentralized municipal and parliamentary elections of May 6, there is every chance that they will make their anger felt.

The importance of the gray vote for the Conservatives is glaring. In 2019, some 67% of over-70s voted Conservative and just 14% Labor in Corbyn. In contrast, 56% of 18-24 year olds voted for Labour, and a remarkably low 21% went for Johnson.

What is expected to happen this week, as part of a manifesto, is an increase under the so-called ‘triple lockdown’ which is the largest of wage increases, price increases such as they were occurring last fall, or a minimum of 2.5%. . That would have meant an increase of around 8%, matching the recent and extraordinary pay growth – around £14 or so.

But the triple lockdown turned into a double lockdown when the Treasury saw it coming, and so the rise will be more in line with the consumer price index last year, at 3.1%.

Read this explainer by Sean O’Grady who argues that aggrieved pensioners will punish the government in next month’s election.

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Foreign Minister breaks ranks to voice support for ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan

Foreign Minister Zac Goldsmith has broken with government practice by expressing support for former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan amid unrest in the country ahead of an expected election.

Downing Street today stopped berating the Tory peer for his comments, but confirmed it was normally true that the UK government ‘would not involve itself in the internal political affairs’ of another country.

Mr Khan – who was previously married to Lord Goldsmith’s sister Jemima – was removed from office by a vote of no confidence on Saturday.

But Mr Khan is calling for the election to be brought forward from its scheduled date next year, and Lord Goldsmith said he had ‘no doubt’ he would be re-elected when Pakistanis go to the polls.

Posting to his official Twitter feed early on Sunday, Lord Goldsmith said: “Sad to see the events of last night in Pakistan.

“Imran Khan is a good and decent man, one of the least corruptible politicians on the world stage.

“I have no doubt that he will be re-elected with a large majority in the next election.”

Our political editor Andre Bécasse reports.

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Long delays blamed as victims drop two-thirds of rape casesLong delays blamed as victims drop two-thirds of rape cases

Long delays could be behind nearly two-thirds of adult rape investigations being dropped because the victim wants the case to end, MPs have warned.

A damning Home Affairs Committee report found that 63% of adult rape investigations were closed between July and September last year because the victim decided to drop the case.

MPs condemned the ‘unacceptably low number’ of rape and sex offenses prosecutions, saying the collapse of rape prosecutions was unlikely to be resolved unless victims were given better support and national funding appropriate is deployed.

Dame Diana Johnson, a Labor MP who chairs the commission, said: “The collapse in the number of rape and sexual offenses prosecutions over the past five years is truly shocking and totally unacceptable.

“While it is clear that significant efforts are being made to reverse this decline across the criminal justice system, much more needs to be done. Thousands of victims are not getting the justice they deserve and this must stop. From now on, the emphasis must be on supporting the victims.

Read the details of this report in Maya Oppenheim.

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Starmer accuses Sunak of ‘rank hypocrisy’

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer has accused Chancellor Rishi Sunak of “ranking hypocrisy” for using “plans” to reduce his tax burden as the cost of living crisis worsens.

Sir Keir said he was not comfortable with the overseas tax status system, but also did not think politicians should publish their own tax returns.

“There is nothing to disclose in my tax returns,” he told the Guardian.

“I can tell you that if I was prime minister I wouldn’t go around the country saying I want more taxes from you, but secretly I am reducing my own tax burden through schemes. is outright hypocrisy.

Mr Keir Starmer

He said the situation revealed there was a “wider problem” with politicians out of touch with the lives of the public.

Sir Keir Starmer, shown driving through Southwick on a visit to Sunderland, continued to ask about the financial arrangements of Rishi Sunak’s family

(PA wire)

“I think even before we got into the non-dom issue, the chancellor’s response to the spring statement – to the real pressures on people – showed that he just doesn’t get it.”

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Push back Blunt: “It’s time for the chair to go”

Labor Party leader Anneliese Dodds called Crispin Blunt’s statement ‘shameful’ as she said Boris Johnson and Tory Chairman Oliver Dowden ‘must take action against this Tory MP and move their party away from his comments’.

SNP MPs Stewart McDonald and Martin Docherty-Hughes also pushed back against Mr Blunt.

Parliament needs a respected and strong LGBT group and Crispin can no longer provide that leadership. He should retire

Stewart McDonald

And Mr Docherty-Hughes said the intervention was ‘totally inappropriate’, adding: ‘It’s time for the president to go.’ Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch has called for her expulsion from the “Conservative Party for this statement”.

“He just defended the convicted assailant of a 15-year-old boy, and so he attacks the underage victim.”

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Tory MP branded ‘shameful’ for defending Khan

Tory MP Crispin Blunt has been branded ‘shameful’ after standing up for a colleague who was expelled from the party following his conviction for a child sex offense.

Mr Blunt, who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Global LGBT+ Rights, denounced the sentencing of Wakefield MP Imran Ahmad Khan as “an international scandal” that would have “appalling” consequences for gay Muslims around the world entire.

But he was condemned by Labor leader Anneliese Dodds, who called on Boris Johnson and Conservative chairman Oliver Dowden to distance their party from his remarks.

And he faced a revolt from APPG members, with SNP MPs Martin Docherty-Hughes and Stewart McDonald quitting their posts as vice-presidents and calling on him to stand down. SNP’s Joanna Cherry and Kirsten Oswald and Labor MP Chris Bryant quit the group over the “completely inappropriate” remarks.

Read the details in this report from our political editor Andrew Woodcock.

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