Boris Johnson News Live: Sue Gray’s ‘excoriating’ criticism of Partygate ‘will force PM to resign’

Prime Minister’s chances of political survival are ’50/50′, says Tory commentator

Boris Johnson will be forced to resign once the ‘damning’ findings of Sue Gray’s review of parties breaking the lockdown in Whitehall come to light, according to a report.

“Sue’s report is infuriating,” an unnamed official quoted by The temperature as told. “It will make things incredibly difficult for the Prime Minister…his report could be enough to end it.”

Ms Gray, a senior civil servant, was forced to delay publication of her investigation into alleged parties held in Downing Street and Whitehall during the UK’s coronavirus-induced lockdowns after police launched their own investigation.

The prime minister attended at least 12 events at No 10 and was fined for his 56th birthday celebration held in the cabinet room.

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson was forced to condemn his own party’s ‘misogyny’ after Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner accused Tory MPs of using anonymous briefings to spread ‘desperate and libelous perverse”.


Labor condemns Rees-Mogg’s ‘bullying’ work-from-home notes

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been accused of ‘bullying behaviour’ and being ‘very old-fashioned’ for telling officials to come back to the office.

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves said business was “still trying to find the right balance” post-pandemic, and the public service needed to do the same, she said.

“I think it will attract really talented people if you don’t have to be in the office every day, and there are a lot of accounting firms, banks and other businesses trying to find the right balance” , she told LBC Radio, adding:

“I think that kind of bullying behavior from the Brexit minister saying people have to be at their desks every day of the week every hour – it’s very old fashioned.”

It comes after footage emerged of notes Mr Rees-Mogg left on officials’ desks in a bid to prevent them from working from home. The notes, along with an official government crest, read: ‘Sorry you were away when I visited. I look forward to seeing you in the office very soon. With best wishes, Right Honorable Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP.

He was called “condescending” as a result.

sam hancockApril 25, 2022 8:46 a.m.


Shadow Chancellor: Rayner not using his gender to win arguments against PM

No more Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves now, who says Angela Rayner doesn’t need to “use her gender” to win an argument at the dispatch box.

Talk to BBC Breakfastshe said the Mail on Sunday article suggesting Ms Rayner is trying to distract Boris Johnson with Primary instinct tactics “brings the spotlight” on the sexism and misogyny that women face daily in parliament. She says:

“I’m afraid this story only highlights the kind of rubbish that women parliamentarians and other women in parliament have to put up with on a daily basis and it has to be said because Angela Rayner is a fantastic politician and she faces the Prime Minister when Keir [Starmer] is not available at the shipping box and it does so brilliantly.

“She doesn’t need to use her gender to win an argument or deter the Prime Minister, or anything that has been suggested in this article. She does it by the force of her argument, and to suggest otherwise is just disgusting and does no justice to the brilliant women we have in parliament on all sides.

Ms Reeves added that she hoped ‘something good can come out of this awful article’, saying people needed to speak out against ‘this misogyny and sexism for what it is’.

“At the moment, however, this is the kind of thing that happens day in and day out in parliament and I say this with great sadness and as someone who is proud to be an MP and proud to be a woman in parliament.” , she said. mentioned.

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Watch: Conservative chairman deflects question on comparing Partygate fines to parking fines

Tory speaker deflects question on comparing partygate fines to parking fines

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Reeves discusses Labor plans to ‘abolish’ nom-dom tax status

Let’s take stock of Labour’s “non-dom” tax promises now.

The Shadow Chancellor said that even if a future Labor government ‘abolishes’ the controversial status, it could retain temporary tax residency status for up to five years.

Rachel Reeves told BBC Radio 4 Today scheme whereby people arriving in Britain could avoid paying tax on their overseas income for a short time, in line with other major economies. She says:

“What I’m proposing today just puts us in line with our main competitors – countries like France, like Canada, like Japan, who have a short-term temporary regime…

“In France and Canada, it’s six months, in Japan it’s five years.

“We would consult with companies to get it right. It can be up to five years, but between six months and five years is what other countries do”.

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves


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Tory MP who made remarks to Rayner ‘could face disciplinary action’

No more Chris Philp now, who says that if the identity of the Tory MP responsible for misogynistic statements about deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner is discovered, they could face disciplinary action.

“No one should have to endure the kind of misogynistic abuse that sentiment equates to,” the technology minister told Sky News.

“If it ever comes out [who is responsible], I imagine they would be subject to discipline. I think [the government whips] will find out if they know who said that. I think everyone is appalled by the misogynistic sentiment.

Mr Philp also insisted it was no surprise that Boris Johnson and Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries used the exact same words in the tweets they sent out denouncing the allegations.

“They share the same point of view. They arrived at the same point of view and they used the same words. No wonder two government colleagues have the same view and use the same words,” he said.

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Minister ‘appalled’ by Mail’s ‘misogynistic’ article on Rayner

Technology Minister Chris Philp says he is “appalled” by the Mail on Sundayon deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner, adding that he was “offensive and misogynistic”.

It comes after the newspaper claimed an unnamed Tory MP said Ms Rayner crossed and uncrossed her legs on the Labor front bench during Prime Minister’s Questions in a bid to distract Boris Johnson.

The newspaper compared the claims to a scene from the 1992 erotic thriller Primary instinct and said she was trying to put the PM “out of her stride”.

On Sunday, Ms Rayner called the story ‘desperate’ and ‘perverted’ and quickly received solidarity from across the House of Commons for the ‘libel’.

When asked what he thought of the article, Mr. Philp replied: “I was appalled, it was misogynistic…I’ve never heard anyone say anything like that or even allude to it. If I did, I’d be disgusted and appalled.

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Covid travel rules are ‘a disproportionate and damaged industry’, say MPs

Travel restrictions which were “disproportionate to the risks to public health” have caused serious damage to Britain’s aviation industry, the Transport Select Committee has said.

In a wide-ranging and highly critical report, MPs say the government’s frequently changing Covid-19 rules ‘were not based on scientific consensus’.

The measures caused “a severe financial shock to the sector” without significant health benefits. But the government insists travel restrictions ‘have only been in place for as long as absolutely necessary’, writes our travel correspondent Simon Calder.

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Watch: Emmanuel Macron wins a second term as French president

Emmanuel Macron wins a second term as French president after Marine Le Pen concedes defeat

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Prime Minister’s chances of political survival are ’50/50′, says Tory commentator

The Daily Mail’s Andrew Pierce said Boris Johnson’s future could go either way amid reports Sue Gray’s Partygate review could end his career.

“If you had asked me three weeks ago, I would have said, he’s fine, he’s safe. I think now it’s 50/50,” he told ITV Hello Brittany earlier.

Mr Pierce also claimed that Britons cared more about issues such as the cost of living crisis than Partygate, but he acknowledged that Tory MPs have a strong ‘survival instinct’ and have probably started to wonder if the Prime Minister “will lose their seat”. to the Commons.

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Labor pledges to scrap tax relief for non-dom

Labor would scrap the non-dom status used by the wealthy to lower their tax bills when elected to office, the party said.

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves said: ‘While the Tories are raising taxes on working people, it is simply not fair that those at the top can benefit from outdated non-dom tax benefits. With Labour, people who move to the UK will contribute to this country by paying tax on their overall income.

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