Boris Johnson plans one last trip to Kyiv to say goodbye to Zelensky ‘I can’t just walk away’ | Politics | New

A Downing Street insider said the Prime Minister felt he ‘couldn’t just walk away’. Mr Johnson has been to Ukraine twice, with his second visit just a month ago.

The report comes after the Prime Minister had a phone call with President Zelensky on Friday, in which he stressed the UK’s “continued resolve” in the war in Ukraine.

A Tory ally told the Telegraph: ‘He feels the burden of responsibility for having been [President Zelensky’s] largest funder. He can’t just walk away and not make sure the world is behind him.

“He hopes to see him again before leaving office.”

The prime minister was a staunch ally of Ukraine during the invasion.

He was the first world leader to speak to Ukraine when the war started and provided over £200million in military aid.

An inside source said Friday’s phone call to President Zelensky was “encouragement” for the prime minister.

The source said Mr Zelensky watched Mr Johnson’s speech during his final Prime Minister’s Question Time, where he ended by saying: ‘Hasta la vista, baby’.

On Friday, the Ukrainian president apparently approved, saying, “Hasta la vista, baby…love it!”

Speaking on conservation, the Prime Minister said British support “will not wane” no matter who becomes the UK’s next leader.

Mr Johnson will continue talks with Mr Zelensky and the couple are expected to speak on the phone again next week.

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A Downing Street spokesman said he would not comment on “hypothetical trips to Ukraine” when asked on Thursday.

The Prime Minister will have been in office for three years this week on July 26.

To mark the occasion, Mr Johnson said: ‘The British people have trusted me to do the job. And as I prepare to leave this fantastic job after three years at number 10, I’m proud to say that’s exactly what I did, with Brexit and more.

“Because this government has fought some of the toughest battles in modern political history. We had to make some of the darkest decisions since the war. And time and time again, we’ve nailed the big calls.

Boris Johnson is expected to step down as Prime Minister on September 6.

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