Boris Johnson quits last: Keir Starmer cleared by police over ‘Beergate’ row

Who could replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister?

Labor received a double boost when leader Sir Keir Starmer and his deputy Angela Rayner escaped fines for the ‘Beergate’ line – just as the party widened its lead in the polls over the Tories.

Both men had pledged to resign if they received fixed penalty notices.

But Durham Constabulary said there were no cases to respond after he was pictured mingling with others during Covid restrictions.

At the same time, the Conservative Party fell further behind in the polls during a week of rebellions that culminated in the resignation of Boris Johnson.

YouGov polls conducted before the prime minister announced his resignation showed Labour’s lead over the Tories had increased to 11 points.

Mr Johnson is facing growing calls to leave office immediately after vowing to remain in Downing Street until his successor is chosen.

Labor say they will call a vote of no confidence if the Tories don’t get rid of him immediately.


Starmer uses Beergate result as PM dig

Sir Keir Starmer celebrated his acquittal by tweeting that the ‘Beergate’ saga was still a matter of principle.

During a dig at Boris Johnson, he added: ‘Honesty and integrity matters.

He had pledged to resign in the event of a fine.


Government set to restart deportations of asylum seekers in Rwanda

A new attempt to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda is likely in the coming weeks despite Boris Johnson’s promise not to take any “major” decisions.

The outgoing prime minister’s spokesperson said the move would fall under “existing policy” – which is allowed, despite his resignation and “provisional” status:


Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner escape fines as police say no Covid laws are being broken

Latest news: Sir Keir Starmer has not broken Covid laws and will not be fined for Beergate, Durham Police have announced. A spokesperson for the force said there were no cases to respond to, Lizzie Dearden reports:

Sir Keir was pictured enjoying a beer with party members as Covid restrictions limited social contact



Surprise underdog John Baron plans to run

Tory MP John Baron has said he is considering throwing his hat in the ring to become Prime Minister.

The Brexit-friendly MP for Basildon and Billericay said: ‘I myself have been approached to think about it… and would be a newcomer… I’m going to do some polls this weekend.’


Jeremy Hunt “getting ready to enter the competition in a few days”

Jeremy Hunt is very likely to announce a bid to become the next Tory leader in the coming days, according to the PA news agency.

A source close to the MP, who ran for leadership in 2019, said he was “virtually certain” to enter the competition.

“For months he was pressed by colleagues from all wings of the party,” the source said.

The source also claimed Mr Hunt was receiving growing support within the party.


Labor will find new leadership ‘quickly’ if Beergate results in fines, says Rayner

Angela Rayner suggested she would not appeal if fined by Durham Police for breaking Covid rules and said the party would be able to find new leadership ‘very quickly’ if needed .

Ashley Cowburn reports the Deputy Leader of Labor’s latest comments on ‘Beergate’:


Labor increases lead over Tories, says YouGov

The YouGov poll now shows that Labor has an 11 point lead over the Conservatives:


‘I won’t miss him,’ says French minister of Boris Johnson

A French government minister has hit out at Boris Johnson saying his resignation shows populism and Brexit was not a good mix, David Hardin reports.

Bruno Le Maire also added that he would not personally miss Mr Johnson.


What Gove said when he was sacked, according to his ex-wife

Michael Gove told Boris Johnson: ‘If anyone has to back down, it’s you’ when he was sacked by the Prime Minister this week, his ex-wife has claimed.

In his regular column in the Daily mailSarah Vine claimed the former leveling secretary responded with the barbed lining when Mr Johnson informed her he was being sacked.


Condolences on the death of Shinzo Abe

British politicians offer their condolences after the death of Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese Prime Minister, was announced.

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