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Speaking exclusively to, Lord Cruddas, who already has a top legal team to tackle the issue in the High Court, said he intended to enter into talks with party figures this week to suspend the leadership. contest until the constitution can be amended.

It would mean the battle between Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former Chancellor Rishi Sunak could not continue and a new prime minister could not be unveiled on September 5.

Lord Cruddas said: “It started out being about Boris but grew into something much bigger.

“It’s about members having a lot more say in the party and a small group of MPs who can no longer control who’s the leader.

“We now have the 10,000 needed to initiate a change rule. The party has between 28 and 56 days to act.

“We’ll talk about it next week and it may not be too late to put Boris back on the ballot. The whole competition could end up having to be suspended.

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He also calls for the president to be elected by the deputies and for power to be restored to the constituencies.

If a leader loses a vote of confidence with MPs, Lord Cruddas believes Ordinary Members should also have a vote of confidence to confirm the outcome.

Many of these ideas were proposed by the Campaign for Conservative Democracy, founded by former MEP David Campbell Bannerman and chaired by John Strafford.

He pointed out that the party has 28 to 56 days to complete the rule change process.

The rules state: “Upon receipt of the petition, the president of the council shall notify all members of the constitutional college on a proposed vote of a motion to change the constitution.”

He continues: “A postal or online ballot will be organized among all the members of the constitutional college.

Lord Cruddas rejected claims that many of the signatures on the petition were fake.

He said: “We checked all the names and rejected idiots like Mickey Mouse or Vladimir Putin.

“By the time some left-wing activists attempted to infiltrate our petition, we had already exceeded 10,000 verified members.

“We are therefore confident that we have the numbers required to initiate change.”

A Tory spokesperson said: ‘We have yet to receive such a petition’

A source added, “Only CCHQ holds the membership data. No other organization can verify that so-called ‘members’ are genuine.”

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