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Brexiteers have hit back at claims that Britain’s freedom from the EU was responsible for long queues at ports. They pointed out that ongoing checks to ensure everyone traveling was Covid safe would likely have had a significant impact.

Travel chaos gripped the roads around Dover and other crossings to the mainland last month after schools broke for the summer holidays.

On the weekend of July 24 and 25, nearly 142,000 people passed through the Port of Dover.

Freight and holiday traffic trying to find a way to the Port of Kent on Friday flooded local roads causing congestion and disruption.

There was also a serial shortage of French personnel, with only two border posts initially open.


Britain dropped Covid travel requirements for international visitors in March.

Tory MP John Redwood told “It’s the French attitude.

“If the French had wanted to welcome visitors, they could have streamlined their border control.

“I was clearly people held back by the way France guards its borders.

“There seems to have been excessive Covid paperwork.

“And we know there was a staff shortage at the time.”

France finally abandoned all Covid entry conditions yesterday.

Mr Beaune said yesterday: “As of this Monday August 1, border health measures are lifted for travel to and from France.

“Let’s continue to fight against COVID-19 with responsibility: the mask is strongly recommended in transport.”

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Edward L. Robinett