British MP calls on Boris Johnson to end foreign aid to India over Ukraine vote: ‘Far more worthy causes’

British lawmaker Johnny Mercer has urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stop the sending of foreign aid worth more than £50m to India amid his repeated abstention from Council resolutions. United Nations Security Council (UNSC) against Russia for invading Ukraine.

Mr Mercer said Britain should end the donation to India because “much more worthy causes exist”.

“In 2021/22 we are giving India £55.3m in foreign aid. I am a strong supporter of foreign aid and I voted against its reduction by this government. However, if we sanction Putin’s friends, it’s time to end that donation too. Far more worthy causes around,” the UK lawmaker tweeted.

The UK legislator also shared a report from The telegraph which referred to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s refusal to denounce Russian President Vladimir Putin despite pressure from the Biden administration.

India has been repeatedly told to distance itself from Russia after Moscow invaded Ukraine last week, to bolster condemnation of the military offensive by Western nations.

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New Delhi has yet to take a formal stand against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which marked its ninth day on Friday, despite calling for peace.

The Modi administration, an ally of Washington and a partner of the Quad but a major importer of arms and artillery from Russia, is in a diplomatic mess, following which it abstained from voting on a resolution deploring the acts of Moscow to the UNSC.

It was India’s third abstention condemning Russia’s action in less than a week even as the escalating conflict gripped Kiev for more than a week. At the meetings, the Indian envoy pushed for a diplomatic route and an end to the violence.

The “Aggression against Ukraine” resolution was co-sponsored by nearly 100 UN member countries such as Afghanistan, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Kuwait, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Donald Lu, a senior US diplomat, said US officials had held talks with New Delhi to “stress the importance of a collective response condemning the Russian invasion”.

He added that India should find time to distance itself from Russia.

“What I can say is that India is a very important security partner for us now, and we appreciate that partnership. Going forward, I hope some of what happens with the extreme criticism that Russia has faced is that India will find that now is the time to move further away from Russia,” Mr Lu said.

India is one of four members of the Quad alliance comprising the United States, Australia and Japan, which met on Thursday on the sidelines of the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

This map shows the extent of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

(Images from the press association)

Quad leaders said they had “discussed the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and assessed its wider implications”, in a joint statement released after the meeting.

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