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Chilean President to discuss Falklands issue with Boris Johnson in Egypt

Monday, May 9, 2022 – 09:55 UTC

The Chilean president spoke with Boris Johnson last week

Chilean President Gabriel Boric will discuss the sovereignty claims of the Falklands and the South Sandwich Islands with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez at the upcoming COP27 scheduled for November.

“Last week I had a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and, among other things, we agreed to a bilateral meeting in Egypt when we meet for COP 27. We support the claim Argentina’s sovereignty over the South Atlantic islands (Malvinas and Sandwich Islands), and I will also speak with Alberto (Fernandez) and Johnson about the consequences of the problem. Obviously, we expect this to be resolved by the diplomacy and never again by war. In this diplomatic way, we support Argentina’s claim, “said President Boric during a visit to his hometown of Punta Arenas, with part of his cabinet.

Asked about links with the Falklands to improve ‘smooth relations’, tourism, trade and to foster student and cultural exchanges, Boric replies, “those trips you talk about exist nowadays, but it is something on which I shouldn’t move forward at this time. As I said, I will have bilateral talks with Boris Johnson and Alberto to reach consensus on the issues.”

However, Boric, despite the apparent appeasement towards Argentina over the South Atlantic islands, said Chile would firmly maintain its differences with Argentina over the continental shelf and continental boundaries.

“Chilean foreign policy is one and must have government-to-government continuity, and I have made it clear to Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, that any disputes we may have must be resolved peacefully, with diplomatic instruments. we have and should not be an obstacle to the deepening of bilateral relations Currently we are opening the border because we know that the inhabitants of the Ultima Esperanza region have had difficulty collecting their pensions from the Argentinian coal mines neighbors of Rio Turbio, and also to promote tourism, so I can say that we are working together and we will resolve disputes together, especially those from the Antarctic shelf to Weddell Bay, and our claims will be recognized”.

The journalist from Prensa Austral insisted, recalling that the previous Chilean government diplomacy was somewhat reluctant to be more proactive, with Argentina taking advantage of the situation.

President Boric anticipated “we are not going to sit idly by on these issues; I am convinced, regarding the discussion on the Antarctic platform, and Antarctica in general, that we will always ask for international collaboration. But remember that Antarctica is a continent of science and peace, where the concept of sovereignty works differently from the continent, and escalating the volume of such a conflict would be a major mistake on the part of any of the countries involved.

Finally, there is a stretch of the Southern Ice Fields, which remains unmarked, from the time the issue was addressed in the 90s, will Chile address the issue?

“Fortunately, with President Fernandez we have a great relationship, so I hope we can fix that. During my trip to Argentina, we talked about it as well as I did with former President Piñera, the marking of borders has been affected by geographical changes as a result of climate change. Nevertheless, I am confident that we will resolve it on good terms and that Chile will not cede any territory”.

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