COVID-19: Christmas will be lock-free despite increase in coronavirus cases, Prime Minister says | UK News

There is “no evidence” to suggest England would be forced into a Christmas lockdown, according to the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson said that despite the rise COVID-19[female[feminine case, he saw no evidence that a Christmas foreclosure is “on the cards.”

Speaking to reporters ahead of his trip to Rome for the G20 summit, Mr Johnson again insisted ministers are sticking to the current coronavirus plan and that there is no reason to activate the government’s plan B.

When asked if he could guarantee a good Christmas, he replied, “I see no evidence to believe that any type of foreclosure is on the cards.”

His comments come after the NHS Confederation, the British Medical Association and scientists called on the government to take action to ease growing pressure on health services.

COVID-19 infections have increased across the UK, with recent estimates from the Office for National Statistics showing the same proportion of people in England have the virus as at the peak of wave two in January.

However, hospitalizations and deaths remain well below levels seen earlier this year – in part due to the vaccine rollout which has seen 45.7 million people fully vaccinated.

Switching to Plan B in England would mean a return to work from home and mandatory masks, as well as the introduction of vaccine passports.

Boris Johnson says government is monitoring cases but there is no need to act at this stage

The prime minister said the government was monitoring cases but there was no need to act at this stage.

“We are monitoring the numbers every day. Yes, it is true that the cases are high. But they are currently no reason to switch to Plan B,” Mr Johnson said.

“I think everyone is on board, except maybe the Labor Party, so we’re sticking to the plan. And I think rather than thinking about new restrictions, the best thing anyone world can do is get that booster shot as soon as you’re offered it.

“This is a very important message. I think people don’t quite realize that the first two jabs start to weaken. So people who have been vaccinated twice may experience a waning effect on their immunity.

“What a sadness, what a tragedy, it would be if people who had other complications, other health problems fell seriously ill because they were too confident in their level of immunity and did not receive their booster when they did. needed it.

“So please, please, please, can everyone have their boosters.” “

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