Danielle Brown @healthygirlkitchen (over 3.4 million subscribers) One of the fastest growing food bloggers of all time continues a rapid growth rate of over 136%

Much of Danielle’s recent growth stems from a number of series in which she showcases unique variations of plant-based recipes for fan-favorite foods. In her latest series alone, Danielle’s life-changing viral salad series increased her Instagram following by 175%, with a TikTok growth rate of 33%. Although this growth is unprecedented, she first saw an 86% increase in Instagram followers as well as an 18% increase in TikTok followers from October 2021 to January 2022. Here, Danielle further increased her audience by 500K followers on Instagram for 1.9M followers in just 6 weeks.

In early February, Danielle posted her first life-changing salad video, and since then has turned the salad content into a 10-part series that her subscribers can’t get enough of. Now, nearly 2 months later, the series has racked up over 48.9 million views, and has ensured that it continues to increase at a rapid pace. Since the Life-Changing Salad series, Danielle has increased her TikTok following by more than 300k followers on TikTok and an unheard 1.4M followers on Instagram. See the videos below:

  1. Vegan blueberry salad
  2. BBQ Chopped Chickpea Salad
  3. Crunchy quinoa and broccoli salad
  4. Protein-rich lentil salad
  5. Mama salad with chopped mango
  6. Vegan Hot Orzo Salad
  7. Fruit salad
  8. Couscous salad
  9. Vegan pasta salad
  10. Thai chop salad

President of the Digital Renegades Christina Brenan says this growth comes as no surprise, as Danielle’s ability to differentiate herself from other plant-based influencers is what makes her content so interesting. “What makes Danielle so amazing, besides the fact that she really cares about her followers and listens to them, is that she welcomes everyone, no matter where they are on their grassroots journey. From someone who wants to try one plant-based meal a week to the vegan devotee, all are welcome. She is an absolute force in the space redefining what it means to be plant-based and predicting trends ahead everyone “

Her salad series having been incredibly successful, Danielle is now gearing up for her next series to educate her audience, like her next series of smoothies as well as being “vegan on a budget”, where she just posted the episode 1! Additionally, Danielle is planning a pasta series where she will create healthy, plant-based pasta recipes for any occasion, whether it’s a hearty family dinner or the perfect pasta salad for a barbecue. In the past, Danielle has caught the attention of Business Insider, Elite Daily, PopSugar, BuzzFeed, VegNews, and with her rapid growth, expect to see a lot more of her!

For more information on Danielle Brown and his next series, contact Christina Brenan to [email protected]

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