David Cameron reveals what he said to Boris Johnson at a meeting of former Prime Ministers

David Cameron has revealed what he told Boris Johnson when the six living prime ministers met on Saturday.

The former prime ministers were pictured speaking to each before a Membership Council meeting at St James’s Palace.

They had gathered to witness an age-old ceremony in which King Charles III was officially proclaimed the new monarch.

Cameron, who served as Conservative prime minister from 2010 to 2016, told the BBC on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg’s show: “Well, the number of former prime ministers is growing.

“I told Boris that this is the club no one wants to join and can never leave.

“But there is still a good kind of camaraderie between us. It’s interesting because they were often your main political opponent.

“I was against Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown and now when we meet at these things it’s a lot more about talking about how the kids or the grandkids are and sort of talking rather than something deeper, so that was mostly what it was about. I think when we were chatting and welcoming Boris our newest member.

When asked if he thought Johnson was happy to join the club, Cameron replied: “He looked happy. I don’t know if he’s happy to join the club.

Keir Starmer, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, <a class=Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Theresa May and John Major arrive before the proclamation of King Charles III.” width=”720″ height=”442″ src=”https://img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/631d9f9a2200005d00ca934e.jpeg?ops=scalefit_720_noupscale”/>
Keir Starmer, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Theresa May and John Major arrive before the proclamation of King Charles III.

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Cameron also described how he apologized to the Queen after revealing details of one of their private conversations.

Microphones picked up the then Prime Minister recounting how the Queen “purred” over the phone as he briefed her on the outcome of Scotland’s independence referendum in 2014.

Cameron added: ‘It’s a very candid and full apology given very quickly at the start of a hearing. I think that’s all I should say.

“I’ve always been more careful when cameras and microphones are around and I’ve learned my lesson.”

When asked if the Queen had reprimanded him, he replied: “Obviously everything that is said at these meetings is completely private.”

During the interview, Cameron described King Charles III as “smart and charming” and said he was a “superb diplomat”.

The former MP for Witney also revealed that his wife, Samantha, often hoped to sit with the then Prince of Wales at official events.

He added: “Like his mother, he is a superb diplomat. I have seen it in action at Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings.

“He knows each leader personally, he interacts with them brilliantly. The soft power that the British monarch brings to help a prime minister and a government with all these international relations.

“It was obviously exceptional under Queen Elizabeth II. I think you will find that Charles III will be a very worthy successor in this respect.

David Cameron and King Charles III.

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Cameron added: “He is extremely intelligent and charming. My wife always said that when we had to go to one of those banquets or dinners or big meetings she always said I hoped to be seated next to Prince Charles, he’s the best person to sit next to. sitting down is the most charming company.

“He is immensely charming, he is very intelligent. While it is incredibly sad that we mourn the loss of our greatest monarch, I believe the constitutional monarchy is in good hands.

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