France ‘stole’ millions of Covid vaccines from UK in ‘act of war’: report, World News

As the world comes together to help each other through these difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, France may have stolen millions of doses of the Covid vaccine from the UK.

According to some reports, France has stolen nearly five million Covid vaccines from the United Kingdom by plotting a scheme with the heads of the European Union.

French President Emmanuel Macron has been accused of conspiring with European Union leaders and taking the vaccines which were destined for the country ruled by Boris Johnson.

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According to reports, AstraZeneca boss Rudd Dobber said a large shipment of millions of doses was due to arrive from Holland. However, this cargo never got there because it was diverted to the EU.

Local UK news outlet The Sun reported that a UK government source said this ‘scandalous’ disruption in the supply of the Covid vaccine system amounted to an ‘act of war’.

“The French stole our vaccines at the same time as they rebuked them in public and suggested that they were not safe to use,” said the source quoted by The Sun. “It was an outrageous thing to do and not the action of an ally, which was very clear to them.”


This action by France, says the source, could and could have resulted in the deaths of several people who were waiting for the first or second dose of the vaccine to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus.

It has also been reported that the French leader has also quietly threatened British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with his power to cut off supplies to Pfizer. Had Macron acted by cutting off supplies to Pfizer, the vaccine rollout in the UK would have suffered a major setback. It also, it seems, sparked animosity between the two leaders.

Apparently, Macron also called the AstraZeneca vaccine “near ineffective” and claimed that it “does not work as we hoped”.

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