Getting to Know Jestin Porter

MURFRESBORO, Tenn. — Statistics Jestin Porter set up at Tyler Junior College immediately light up your eyes.

A clip of 40.0% on three (42-105) for 17.1 points per game his second year. At 21.4 points per game in his first campaign. A volume scorer who has proven sharp shooting ability at the college level, exactly the type of guard who thrived in the MT system last year, when Josh Jefferson shown after transfer.

It’s hard not to be excited about the future for Jestin Porter, who joined the Blue Raiders from Houston, Texas this summer. He chatted with MT Staff Writer Sam Doughton after practice earlier this summer, he talked about coming to Murfreesboro, his ability to bowl off the court and whether a barbecue compares to beef brisket in Texas.

Why did you choose Middle Tennessee?

I felt like it suited me perfectly. The system, the coaching, the living space, I surrounded myself with good people. During my visit, I felt like I was at home.

Who do you model your game after?
Devin Booker, Ja Morant, Damian Lillard, lots of those guys.

What was your first impression of MT?
It was a little different. But meeting new guys was great. Learning to know each other. Everything fell into place, it was fluid.

Who taught you the most about basketball?
Probably Miss Tramina (Jones), it started when I was six, going from the football team to the AAU team. She taught us a lot there and made me fall in love with basketball from an early age.

What is our favorite activity off the pitch?
All I do is train, but I go bowling once in a while. (My best score) is probably 150, or something like that. It’s cool, it’s straightforward.

What are your goals for this season?
The first is the team’s goal, to try to make the national tournament. This is the main objective. (Personally), playing well for my teammates and impacting my team.

If you could go back in time and relive any moment in basketball history, which moment would you choose?
Probably one of my high school games where I scored 41 points. It was one of my best basketball experiences.

You’re from Texas, and of course there’s a big barbecue debate between all the southern states. How does the ranking of Tennessee barbecue compare to Texas barbecue?
It’s not playing with Texas. *laughs* I’ll tell you. This is almost certainly not the case.

Is barbecue just beef brisket for you, or can it be any other type of meat?
It can be any other type of meat.

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