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As the seasons change, Swift Current looks slightly greener than before.

That’s because the Go Green event has returned for one of its biggest years yet.

Go Green is an event hosted by Stark and Marsh in partnership with the City of Swift Current that sees volunteers plant trees, shrubs and other green spaces around different residents of the city.

Elden Moberg, General Manager of Stark and Marsh, was thrilled to help bring back the event and the lush greenery that comes with it.

“I drive around town and there are so many areas where you can see the efforts of this initiative,” Moberg said. “I think it’s a good thing. For the people involved in this project, I think it’s just an opportunity to say that we’ve done things to contribute to the community.”

Covering 13 different sites across Swift Current, the trees planted for this year’s event will not only help beautify the landscape, but also improve the ecology of the town. Trees serve as vital homes for wildlife and pollinators, such as squirrels and birds, and bees with their hives.

Also on Friday was the Go Green BBQ, which not only fed the volunteers from the day’s work, but also burgers and other refreshments to sell to anyone who passed by the market square. They had music and commentary from Go Green organizers about the effect on the town and its people.

All proceeds from the barbecue went to the South West Newcomer Welcome Center, helping to keep the barbecue in the theme of giving back to the community.

“What a great cause,” Moberg said of the drop-in center. “They’re also taking part in the event. There were people working this morning doing that too. We really like partnering with them and it was a good opportunity to give back too.”

The 2022 Go Green event saw a massive outpouring of community support with nearly double their regular volunteer turnout. One hundred and ninety volunteers ventured into the city, helping to plant shrubs and bushes. Some of these volunteers were provided by partner organizations of the event, such as the Innovation Credit Union.

Sheldon Hess is the Chief Financial Officer of Innovation Credit Union.

“It’s part of our co-operative values, concern for community and our community involvement as part of our focus, which is really around responsible banking,” Hess said. “Focusing on communities and working with the organizations that have contributed to our success.”

Innovation Credit Union was not alone in supporting the event, as SaskAbilities and its customers were also taking advantage of Go Green to get out and experience the community effort.

“Our group had just had fun helping green the community and doing the work that we did,” Martens said. “There were three employees and three customers, and we were all out working, planting trees, planting flowers, spreading mulch, helping to beautify Memorial Park, and I’m telling you, everything everyone was there and just had a smile on their face the whole way through.”

This year, 2,700 trees and shrubs were reinvested in community spaces. That’s the main purpose of Go Green, is to keep these community spaces fresh and beautiful. Without upkeep, upkeep and new additions, the vibrant flowers that come every spring and the green awnings that cast shade in the summer won’t be a constant for the residents of Swift Current. This event helps ensure that generations of families will have beautiful parks to walk, play and enjoy.

“I think it shows how much the community wanted to get back together and how much I think the community appreciates the project,” Congdon said.

Some of the key locations beautified this year include;

-Memorial Park
-The Kiwanis Bike Course
-The dog park
-The Highland Coulee mountain bike course
-Battleford Trail (junction)
-Ashley Park
-Douglas Drive
-The Chinook Parkway

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Edward L. Robinett