Here is your gastronomic guide to the festival

So what are you going to eat? That is the question this weekend as Bank of America Fall for Greenville once again takes over the streets of downtown.

Last year’s in-person event was canceled, and this year local restaurants, food trucks, and future restaurants came to play. There are 46 spots offering some 250 things to eat and drink, so it’s best to have at least one loose plan.

Fall for Greenville 2021:Your guide to parking, schedules, music programming, and food

My advice: go for things you haven’t tried yet. The festival is the perfect opportunity to taste something new without too much commitment.

Also share. This will make sure you have room to try more things.

Tasting tickets cost $ 5 per sheet of 10. Most food items cost between 4 and 12 tickets, with beer and wine costing around 10 to 12 tickets.

If you are trying to avoid the crowds I would go during off-peak hours.

Enjoy your lunch!

Silvia Eaddy puts powdered sugar on donuts at The Lost Cajun booth during the Fall for Greenville event on Main Street on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Want something sweet?

  • The Nutella crêpe or the rue Main from Bonjour Crêpe are sure to please.
  • You would do well with any of Buttermilk Sky Pie’s pies, but I-40 is their signature
  • All from Kilwins, but their butterscotch apples are perfection
  • You’d do well with any of the Petit Croissant cronuts, but is there anything better than a plain, flaky, buttery croissant?
  • The Lost Cajun serves donuts, and it’s awesome
  • The Pound Cake Man, all that, but especially the pumpkin one
  • Anything from Wildflour Cupcake & Dessert Bar will be a winner, but if you need something vegan and gluten-free, try the Chocolate Cake Cup.
Grilled octopus on a stick is one of the foods offered at the Ji-Roz booth during the Fall for Greenville event on Main Street on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Looking for something else?

  • Opt for the Arancini or Detroit-style pizza from Pizzeria Belladina
  • Coffee Underground’s Bacon and Maple Funnel Cake has become a Fall for Greenville bite and for good reason.
  • Have you ever eaten a peach eggroll? Me neither, so try one from Everything Eggroll
  • Mexican bistro Rosalinda chicken mole, because it’s gonna be special
  • Mi Ire Jamaican Chicken Curry is superb
  • I would definitely go with the octopus lollipop or the lamb nachos from Ji- (roz)
  • Larkin’s on the River Blackberry BBQ Beef Tenderloin Tops
  • Monkey Wrench Smoked Turkey Leg
  • Although Sully’s Steamers Nachos Maximus is messy, it will satisfy many of your cravings – salty, carby, cheese, crunch and a touch of sweet.
  • Try everything from Black Thai, they are known for their interesting creations
A participant adds gravy to their breast taco at Cantina booth 76 during the Fall for Greenville event on Main Street on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Got kids in tow?

  • Barley’s Black Bean Hummus, but know it has a slight kick
  • Cantina Chicken Taco 76
  • Anything from Hip Burger will likely please
  • Papi’s Tacos Al Pastor taco is superb and not too spicy
  • Cooked Koi Dumplings
  • Fluffy mushroom, enough said
  • Not your Sonny’s Grill Granny’s brussels, cause we all need greenery
  • Take a Spring Roll and / or a Philadelphia Roll from Sushi Murasaki, two great bites to introduce different flavors.
  • Takosushi Tempura Fried Asparagus Will Make Them Eat Green Vegetables
  • The Burrow’s Grilled Tomato Bisque with Grilled Cheese Seems to be the Best Kind of Comfort Food

Want to eat a little healthier?

  • Barberitos Turkey Taco
  • Baba ghanoush with pita from Habiba is a must
  • Vegan Empanada from Latin Flavorz
  • While Luna Rosa’s chocolate velvet ice cream would be hard to pass up, the lemon sorbet is a nice option in the middle of the road if you’re looking for something a little lighter.
  • Go for the dosa of Persis Biryani Indian Grill
  • While the saffron samosa is deep fried, it is also full of tasty veggies and is completely vegan.
  • Thai Jing’s Red Chicken Curry Will Satisfy
  • Shumai from the Orient are a perfect light bite
The Ink N Ivy booth sells shrimp and grits during the Fall for Greenville event on Main Street on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Southern traditional

  • Charleston Sports Pub Shrimp and Grit Cakes – as an added bonus, they’re portable
  • Husk Barbeque Sausage and Cheddar Meatballs
  • Try J and S Wings’ jerk wings
  • Roost’s Truffle Bacon and Cheese Macaroni Sounds Simply Decadent
  • Smoke on the Water’s Fried Green Tomatoes are great to share, or not
  • Soby’s bologna and fries sandwich
  • Everything from Sticky Fingers will satisfy
  • Willy Taco’s Southern Tide taco is creative fusion at its finest

Lillia Callum-Penso is covering food for the Greenville News. She loves the stories the recipes tell and finds inspiration in the people who support them. When not exploring the local cuisine, she is found running, both for fun and to follow her 5-year-old twins. Contact her at [email protected], or 864-478-5872, or on Facebook

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