How Boris Johnson’s pledge to end forest destruction ignores 25 million trees Britain is burning for biomass

Besides carbon debt issues, the additional emissions come from shipping the pellets to the North Yorkshire power station, with the largest amount coming from the United States and Canada.

This newspaper’s analysis estimates that it creates 1.7 billion kg more carbon than shipping the coal it previously used, the equivalent of the average emissions of 903,687 Ford Fiesta drives across the UK. United.

Burning wood also emits more carbon from the chimneys, scientists say.

The switch to wood combustion emits 3 billion kg more carbon per year

In total, the shift from burning charcoal to wood is estimated to be around 3 billion kg more carbon per year than coal, according to calculations. This is the equivalent of the annual emissions of around 3 million Ford Fiestas driving in the UK.

The “confidential” sustainability reports, submitted by Drax to Ofgem in order to obtain a large part of their grants, do not contain any evidence on the origin of the trees or on the number of trees replanted, but they do identify the country. .

An independent audit of documents, which meet government requirements, is only required to provide “limited assurance” that they are correct. Other UK companies performing carbon audits must provide ‘reasonable assurance’.

Drax says they have a rigorous process for verifying durability and they know where “every ton of fiber” comes from.

Biomass energy is present in every model that the IPCC looks at to achieve net zero, making it “absolutely clear that sustainable biomass is crucial to meeting global climate goals,” said Drax.

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