‘How could he get away with this?’ What the newspapers are saying about the new Johnson Partygate photos | Boris Johnson

Footage emerged of Boris Johnson raising a glass at a No 10 party during a nationwide Covid lockdown, sparking further acrimony across the UK’s front pages on Tuesday.

Prime Minister faces fresh allegations of lying to MPs after four photos, first published by ITV News, showed him toasting a senior aide at a leaving event in Downing Street.

“New danger for Johnson in No 10 drink photos”, the Guardian cover page reads, alongside a photo of the Prime Minister raising his glass. The newspaper reported that the Metropolitan Police were also under pressure after Johnson escaped a fine despite the departure of communications director Lee Cain.

the shimmer asks, “How could he get away with it?” in its headline, with a caption saying: ‘Johnson photographed himself drinking champagne at office party during lockdown… but not fined.’

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the Time goes with: “Partying PM ‘misled Commons'” and also displays the parliamentarian exchange since last december in which the Prime Minister, when asked by Labor MP Catherine West about the events on the date in question, insisted that “the rules were followed at all times”.

the Telegraph focuses on the Met’s response to the ongoing Downing Street scandal. “Pressure on Met over photos of PM raising a toast in No 10,” read its headline.

“Police questioned why Johnson avoided the Covid fine for the assistant going away party which was ‘so obviously an offence,’” the newspaper adds.

'Pressure on Met over pictures of PM raising a toast in No 10'#TomorrowsPapersToday

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The usual devotees To express joins the focus on the issues facing the police during their investigation, with its headline: “Nothing to see here! Yard says Boris didn’t break any rules. He notes that the Metropolitan Police believe the Prime Minister was not partying when he left.

Metro puns with “Lockdown in one, PM”, adding his own voice to the general question: “How did Boris not get fined for that booze?”

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the Independent takes a slightly more factual approach. ‘PM pictured drinking at lockdown party at No 10,’ its headline read.

“Lockdown party pics hit PM,” says the Inoting that the Prime Minister is awaiting the reaction of Tories and the public to the latest Covid revelation.


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Staying completely off topic, the Daily mail chooses to splash on a possible railway strike, warning of ‘power outages, petrol shortages and empty shelves’ alongside a picture of the Queen riding a buggy at the Chelsea Flower Show.

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The sun makes only fleeting mention of allegations #10, with its front page devoted to an off-duty policewoman celebrating on the soccer field. Directing readers to a page six story about Johnson, the front page reference is: “Only here for the cheers”.

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