Isolated: The man who is in a cage

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Toronto alt-rock trio The Man Who recently released their brand new single, titled “Cage,” and to celebrate, we asked them to tell us about the track. Here is the story :

This song means a lot to us because it was the first song we wrote after parting ways with the label we were signed to. At the time, we weren’t sure where the project was going and the fact that we didn’t have a label meant that we didn’t have the money to make an album. It was writing and recording this song in our basement studio that made us realize we could make a record on our own. It wasn’t easy and there were a lot of learning curves, but getting creative and having full control over the recording process in addition to writing was new and exciting for us. We would usually take half-baked demos to the producers and go from there. So having “Cage” written and recorded was the turning point of this next chapter for us.

While we were writing this one along with the rest of the songs on the EP, we were spending long days and nights stuck in a dark basement wearing headphones, constantly plugged in and ready for the next idea. Sometimes this process can make you feel a little crazy. So when it came time to record some live drumming, we decided to rent a remote farmhouse and drag all our gear out into the countryside. We loaded up all the necessary provisions and had a nice little getaway. The timing was perfect for us after a roller coaster of lockdowns. The three of us, as a group, were able to have our own confinement away from the city. The house was amazing, there was a games room in the basement with a pool table and a dart board. So after a long day of recording, we would barbecue, have a drink and play games.

Now that everything is recorded and “Cage” is out, we’re excited to be back in rehearsal and getting ready to perform live again for the first time in 2 years…

To hear is to believe. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the band here

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Isolated: The man who is in a cage

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