James O’Brien’s brutal dismantling of Boris Johnson’s ‘fascist’ defense

August 8, 2022, 12:29

Britain is moving in a ‘fascist direction’ as right-wing media wage a ‘sectarian’ campaign to defend Boris Johnson, James O’Brien fears.

The Commons Privileges Committee has come under fire from the Prime Minister’s supporters in the media and political circles over the past week.

Lord Goldsmith and Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries have highlighted an investigation into whether Boris Johnson misled Parliament as a ‘witch hunt’.

The Prime Minister could be kicked out of the House of Commons if the Committee finds that Mr Johnson misled Parliament when he claimed gatherings at Number 10 during lockdown complied with the rules in place at the time.

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Since his claim, hundreds of fines have been issued to those attending Partygate events at Number 10 – including Boris Johnson and Tory leadership candidate Rishi Sunak.

In addition to allegations made by senior Tory politicians, the Daily Mail has named four Tory MPs who were on the privileges committee and will ‘help pass judgment’ on Boris Johnson.

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James O’Brien reflected on the pile-up of media and Johnson loyalists, fearing the country could take a dangerous turn.

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“This fear I have about the direction of travel and the fact that we sometimes use the f-word when discussing British politics… you get this fascist movement, this fascist direction when everyone becomes an enemy.”

‘I never thought I would see the day when Tory MPs… would suffer the treatment of full-fledged enemies of the people,’ he said.

James said the media and political campaign was an ‘observable denial of reality’ and urged listeners to ‘think about what it says about our democracy’ for politicians to attack their own colleagues for judging whether Boris Johnson had misled Parliament in error.

James O’Brien went on to paraphrase Martin Niemöller’s poem First They Came, suggesting those who would defend those MPs under scrutiny are gone, as the government and right-wing media lambasted anyone who might come to condemn the action.

“It’s like 14-year-old girls are attacking you because you don’t like Duran Duran enough.”

Offering an analogy to the current state of British politics, James wondered if the UK had “reached our great moment of lying”.

“When a bigoted newspaper comes to the defense of a corrupt prime minister demanding that an independent investigation into his dishonesty be cut short, quashed, undermined, it’s the same as Donald Trump supporters who believe him when he says ‘he was the victim of a big lie.’

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Edward L. Robinett