Jesse Marsch’s Leeds United impact is felt in the special 90 Minute Players Meeting behind the scenes

Time has not been Jesse Marsch’s friend since taking charge of Leeds United with 12 games to salvage the club’s 11-week season. The priority was of course to forge his ideas in the first team unit at Thorp Arch with the help of his backroom team Cameron Toshack, Franz Schiemer and Mark Jackson.

Marsch’s wider vision incorporates all levels of the football club working under the same tactical philosophy, but these changes are not instilled overnight. The American and his backstage team watched from the back of the John Charles stand on Monday night as the Under-23s beat Crystal Palace 4-0.

Andrew Taylor, who was pulling the strings in the dugout, said the new regime was already having an impact on the Under-23s, despite the first-team pressures currently prevailing at Leeds. He said: “It’s to his credit, to Frankie, to Cameron, and obviously Jacko has that affiliation with the 23 anyway, the time and effort and care that they put into not just their guys, but also to our guys. , the 23, the 18, they really want us, everyone, to progress, everyone to improve.

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Taylor has only led the Under-23s since Marsch made the first team, when he called Jackson into the senior unit and away from the reserves. The former Middlesbrough full-back is assisted by Michal Pujdak and Alessandro Barcherini but it was Schiemer, Toshack and Jackson who showed the Under-23s how important they are to the club as they prepare for the game Monday evening.

“They’re going to sit down and have meetings with us as staff,” he said. “Cameron, Frankie and Jacko did a one and a half hour meeting with the 23 going through the philosophies.

“They had cut the clip themselves, some games, so for me it’s invaluable to our guys that they don’t just listen to me, Puj and Al, but they have the staff to the first team that stood there. “Well look, we watched those videos, that’s what we saw, that’s fine, that’s what you should do.”

“It’s their game model and they know it better than us and they give them the time and the effort to implement it in our guys. It’s top class.

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Edward L. Robinett