Johnson ‘exasperated’ orders Whitehall to look into migrant crisis as Macron says UK ‘plays on our nerves’

The prime minister asked his MPs for their support in doing more to reduce the number of Channel crossings, according to a report.

Boris Johnson – who is said to be “exasperated” by the issue – is said to have ordered a Whitehall cross-review on the migrant crisis and drafted in Stephen Barclay, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, to oversee the government’s attempts to find workable policies to stem the figures.

More than 23,000 people have entered the UK via small boats this year, almost three times the total of around 8,500 last year.

Mr Johnson told Tory MPs front and back the problem was a priority and asked for their support if he decided to adopt more “difficult” solutions, The temperature writing.

“Boris is exasperated,” an anonymous government source told the newspaper. “He sees this as one of his top priorities and he fears that after two years there are still no viable solutions.

“He told ministers to redouble their efforts to resolve this problem, no matter how difficult it is. If it looks bad now, it’s going to be a lot worse in the spring when it gets warmer.

It comes amid reports that the Home Secretary, one of Mr Johnson’s closest ministers, is considering a ‘Greek crackdown’ on level crossings, with migrants to be detained in highways. new specially designed reception centers where they will have to obey strict rules or risk losing their right to seek asylum.

The centers will be based on asylum seekers camps built by Greece, according to The telegraph, where migrants are subject to routine checks on their movements as well as curfews to prevent them from escaping.

“If they break the rules, it could affect their asylum claim,” a government source told the newspaper. “It sounds like you should be there by then. These are fair rules to work if you provide food and accommodation. The Greeks have things like timings.

The Home Office has attempted several strategies to curb arrivals by sea in the UK, but the ministry was accused on Thursday of “underestimating the intelligence of voters” by wielding “macho-sounding” policies and “impractical” – including the treatment of asylum seekers abroad, despite claims that the policy would not work in practice.

Two former government ministers were among those who said The independent that Priti Patel “invents as we go.”

A newly formed committee is expected to meet next week to organize a coordinated approach to tackling the crisis, with initial efforts apparently focused on identifying what is wrong.

The committee – which will be made up of members of the Ministry of Defense and the Foreign Office – will take responsibility for overhauling the UK asylum system with the Nationality and Borders Bill, which is currently underway. examination in the House of Commons.

The bill, which will seek to create a two-tier asylum system in which those who come to Britain illegally will be denied the same privileges as those arriving through legal channels, has been criticized this week after it discovered that he would give powers to the Ministry of the Interior. to strip individuals of their British citizenship without notice.

Migrants who cross the Channel in small boats also face up to four years in prison under the new legislation.

In July, Ms Patel signed a £ 54million deal with France to increase police patrols on beaches. While French authorities have intercepted 18,000 migrants attempting to cross this year, this represents around 40% of all crossing attempts.

The crisis has led to heightened tensions between the UK and France, amid an already strained relationship due to an ongoing post-Brexit bureaucracy feud over fishing rights.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday accused Britain of having oscillated “between partnership and provocation” over the migrant crisis.

Speaking to reporters on a visit to northern France, he also sued Mr Johnson’s government for failing to honor its fishing license commitments, insisting France not would not give in on the matter.

“We didn’t get what we wanted. They are playing on our nerves, ”Macron said.

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Edward L. Robinett