Keir Starmer calls Tories ‘pathetic’ defending Boris Johnson over Lorraine

Labor leader Keir Starmer told viewers in Lorraine today that the Tories defending Boris Johnson against Partygate were ‘pathetic’.

Later today, Prime Minister Mr Johnson is expected to appear in Parliament to apologize for his actions during the lockdown. On several occasions, he was accused of throwing parties and breaking the laws he and his party had implemented.

Mr Johnson was recently fined for breaking the law. Sir Keir appeared in Lorraine this morning to speak about the situation ahead of the Prime Minister’s apology, calling everything the Tory Party has done to protect Boris and his behavior nothing short of a ‘national disgrace’.

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He said: “It doesn’t touch the sides of human stories affected by it. Every family has their own example, something they haven’t done, like caring for an elderly relative that really hurts. .”

Lorraine quizzed the Labor leader on whether or not people wanted to gloss over the incident, implying they care more about “important” things such as the war in Ukraine.

Sir Keir said: “That’s where the Tories are going with it. I also don’t buy this argument that some Tories are making that it’s like a speeding fine. It’s not at all like a speeding ticket.

“In all my days, I’ve never had someone break down in front of me because they couldn’t drive 35 miles per hour in a 35 zone. I’ve had no end of people in tears, in real bits, by conforming to rules that really hurt them.”

He added: “I don’t think the public is going to accept this. I also think the pathetic display of Tory MPs defending the indefensible is something to be ashamed of.”

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Edward L. Robinett