Keir Starmer urges voters to punish Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson for ‘absolute failure’ over cost of living crisis

Keir Starmer has pleaded with Scots to use next week’s municipal elections to punish Boris Johnson’s ‘sleaze ridden’ government.

The Labor leader also urged voters to “send a message” to Nicola Sturgeon’s government for its “absolute” failure on the cost of living crisis.

Voters go to the polls on Thursday to elect 32 local councils and the Scottish Labor Party is confident of making gains.

Party insiders believe they can reclaim second place from the Tories amid partygate and other scandals haunting the Prime Minister.

Starmer was in Edinburgh yesterday to speak to shoppers and workers at a Tesco in Leith.

Speaking to The Record, he responded to the revelation that Tory Neil Parish is the MP who allegedly watched pornography in the Commons.

“It shows, again, that their first instinct is to try to cover up,” he said.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer and Scottish leader Anas Sarwar visit Tesco in Leith

“There is a saying that the fish rots from the head down and it applies in this situation.”

He said of the state of the government: “It is sordid.

“But I fear that when you have a Prime Minister who breaks the law and then lies to the public and to Parliament, is it any wonder that this is a government mired in foolishness?

“It’s at least as bad, if not worse, than major government.”

However, he said voters’ priority was rising energy bills and other issues like rising National Insurance:

“While many media and newspapers are talking about the allegations in Westminster, I can of course tell you, on the doorstep at Tesco there is only one thing people want to talk about – the cost of the life.”

He blasted the SNP’s lukewarm response to a windfall tax on profits made by oil and gas giants:

“They [voters] hearing the Scottish government say ‘no, no, no, we don’t want to take this step’, on the grounds that it would somehow be unfair to the oil and gas companies. I think they want a Scottish government on their side and they don’t have that at the moment.

“People are too scared to turn on their central heating. People sitting in warm clothes all day. Today people at Tesco say they pick up items from the supermarket and put them back because they can’t afford them. This is the human cost of the failure of Holyrood and Westminster.

He said of the election: ‘I certainly want people to send a message to Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon about their absolute failure in the face of the cost of living crisis.

“It’s also an opportunity, positively, to vote for a party that has concrete projects.”

Starmer promised that a new Labor government would take a very different approach to social policy than the Tories have had since 2010:

“Conservative social security policies of the past 12 years have failed miserably. If you look at the number of people currently living in poverty…it’s clearly not working.

“What we want to do is have a much fairer social security system and that’s something we’re working on.”

An SNP spokesperson said: ‘The cost of living crisis is the result of years and years of toxic Tory cuts which Keir Starmer’s party have been happy to support, in coalitions with the Tories in councils like Aberdeen.

“On top of that, Scottish Labour’s loose support for the broken and corrupt Westminster system has left the party with absolutely zero credibility.”

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Edward L. Robinett