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I would have stayed in the military if it looked like this. But I was in an army which I think was empty. The equipment was not quite working. Probably the biggest adventure you had was going to Northern Ireland every two years, but that was about it. Hong Kong had closed. And there was a lack of sense of purpose, in my opinion, and a lack of a clearly identified opponent that we were against. It was really important.

So I think this army is going to be more exciting, more rewarding and more conducive to young people to develop their skills. It will be more fluid with the integration of reservists, and allow reservists and regulars to be much more able to move between them, depending on their personal situation ….

The determination to be all over the world – the only thing the soldiers don’t want to be is stuck in a barracks, in the UK, sometimes not doing much. They want to go out. I was in Oman only the other week seeing them exercising with the Omanis. They kept saying how exciting and fun it was. I was in Poland last week, watching British forces fire live alongside Polish, American and Croatian forces, doing a live fire exercise in Poland. This is what I want our army to do.

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Edward L. Robinett