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The next leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister has been asked to make Boris Johnson his deputy. A radio caller told Nick Ferrari on LBC that the incumbent prime minister is the ‘only one’ who can cope with the cost of living crisis. Barry, from Chingford, said Mr Johnson should ‘stay on’ or be made ‘deputy prime minister’.

A poll released earlier this week found that if Mr Johnson’s name was added to the Conservative leadership ballot, he would be resoundingly re-elected as Prime Minister.

The Opinium survey found that 68% of members would prefer Mr Johnson to take over from Mr Sunak, while 63% would prefer him to Ms Truss.

Nick Ferrari admitted: “When I suggested he stay on the Conservative campaign trail in Leeds, he got a lot more applause than Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss.”

Barry continued: “I would like to bring Boris back. He told a few lies, it doesn’t matter! He must stay or be made Deputy Prime Minister.”

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Mr Ferrari replied: “People have been campaigning for him to go since the moment he crossed the threshold, but now they say we need him. It’s a bit ironic isn’t it not?”

Barry said: “We really need him. I can’t believe what’s going on in this country.

This echoes Ben Houchen, the Mayor of Tees Valley, who told the Telegraph this week that Red Wall voters will “punish the Tories for ousting Boris Johnson“.

He warned that either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak will face a backlash from grassroots voters whoever wins the race to become the next prime minister.

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