Leeds dealer’s sentence delayed over drug purity issue

Drake Glynn, who is being held on remand at HMP Leeds, appeared in court this week where he was due to be convicted of intent to supply cocaine and ecstasy and possession of criminal property.

But after the case was outlined by the Crown, Judge Simon Batiste halted the proceedings after questioning the purity levels of the drug, saying it ‘has the potential to make a difference’ in sentencing 31-year-old man overall.

After learning that there were no records of the drugs tested, he adjourned the case until next month to have them thoroughly analyzed.

Leeds Crown Court.

Heather Gilmore, who was prosecuting the case, earlier said police attended Glynn’s home on Swinnow Road in Swinnow just after 11pm on June 23 for a matter unrelated to a domestic abuse complaint.

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After finding needles and corks in the kitchen, they searched and found a bag behind the couch containing pressure bags and scales.

They also found bags containing the white rocks, with an estimated street value of £1,750, although it was agreed this may be inaccurate due to lack of analysis of the substances.

They came across a quantity of benzocaine, a type of mild anesthetic that is often used in cocaine cutting.

They also found £800 worth of cash in a kitchen drawer and a Nokia mobile phone containing messages relating to the sale of cocaine and ecstasy, as well as others announcing the cost of the drug.

Glynn was arrested and questioned by police and largely offered no comment, but claimed he had saved the £800 from his job.

He also said he used cannabis every day and cocaine about three times a week. He denied selling drugs and using cellphones.

He later admitted to selling cocaine and possessing crime money, and eventually admitted to selling ecstasy.

Appearing in court via video link, Glynn’s attorney, Andrew Coleman, was unable to mitigate after the judge chose to adjourn.

They will return to court on October 3 and Glynn will remain in custody until then.

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