Leeds drivers furious as petrol station charges ‘disgusting’ 194p a liter

Fuel prices continued to soar at West Yorkshire service stations.

And now Leeds drivers have shared their fury over fuel costs after petrol station prices hit £1.94 a litre.

Prices at the popular Spar station in Pudsey Road, Bramley have been described as ‘disgusting’ and sparked outrage on social media.

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The fuel spot was selling diesel for 191.9p for diesel and 169.9p for petrol from Wednesday 9 March.

A Facebook post garnered hundreds of comments where drivers shared their outrage.

Anita Summers called the awards “bloody disgusting”, adding “they don’t get my money”. While Jan Davies called it “daylight flight”.

A Bramley petrol station was charging 191.9 pa liter

Chris Bell said: “Same on Kirkstall Road and Harehills Lane of course must be the same at all BP’s. I went to Morrisons, Bramley this evening and it had gone up 2p a liter since this morning. “

Fi Boynton-Sconies added: “I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. I just don’t know how this can be justified!”

But Chris Ledgeway added that he had visited Supreme Fuel in Harehills where prices were higher in the evening.

The fuel point was selling diesel for 194.9p for diesel and 176.9p for petrol as of Wednesday.

A year ago the price per liter of petrol and diesel was 124.32p and 127.25p respectively.

Drivers have branded prices at Leeds service stations 'daylight flight'
Drivers have branded prices at Leeds service stations ‘daylight flight’

The cost of filling a typical 55 liter family car with either fuel has become over £17 more expensive over this period.

Oil prices have soared on concerns about the reliability of supplies amid the war in Ukraine.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: ‘The average price of petrol in the UK has jumped more than 4 pence in a week, topping £1.55 for the first time ever, this which means a gallon costs over £7 – something many older drivers will struggle to comprehend.

“Diesel, however, increased by 6.5 pa liter to £1.61 or £7.30 per gallon.”

Carl Parkinson said: “It should be called a rip off of Britain now how much everything has gone up, energy, fuel, materials. People won’t be able to afford to live.”

LeedsLive has compiled a list of the five cheapest places to get fuel within five miles of Leeds, as reported by petrolprices.com.

Sainsbury’s, Dewsbury Road, LS11 8EW

Unleaded: 142.9p per liter

Super unleaded: 149.9p per liter

Diesel: 150.9p per liter

Asda, Old Lane, Beeston, LS11 8AG

Unleaded: 145.7p per liter

Diesel: 155.7 pence per liter

Sainsbury’s, Selby Rd, LS15 9JA

Unleaded: 145.9 pence per liter (as of March 5)

Diesel: 150.9p per liter

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Asda, St Georges Rd, Middleton, LS10 4SL

Unleaded: 146.7p per liter

Diesel: 155.7 pence per liter

Asda, Killingbeck Drive, LS14 6UF

Unleaded: 147.7p per liter

Diesel: 153.7 pence per liter

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