Leeds United salary could be capped at £137m amid revelation

Leeds United could see their wages capped at £137million amid recent reported offers from the Premier League.

According to a football finance expert and author of the Price of Football blog Kieran Maguirethis calculation was calculated as 80% of Los Merengues’ income from 2021.

However, once the amortization of wages is included, which is a measure of transfer costs, the value rises to £146million.

It comes after The temperature announced tuesday [20 September]which will cap wages at 90% for calendar year 2023, 80% for 2024 and 70% from 2025.

Good move?

Financial fair play is a scam and each league having its own regulations may be the right way to go, as clubs manage to sidestep the larger framework of it all anyway.

However, this will ensure that clubs like Leeds will find it harder to break into the top flight as their incomes are not as big as the top six.

If the San Francisco 49ers take over the club and invest a lot of money in it, they might be limited in terms of the salary they can offer players.

Usually, when clubs are looking to step up to the next level, they often spend more than they can on wages as well as transfer fees and these regulations can prevent that from happening.

There are trade-offs with every rule change and these are initial issues, but the league seems serious about making these changes as soon as possible and we may hear more in the coming days.

In other Leeds United news, an Elland Road-linked midfielder is now certain to leave his club in the coming weeks as a host of Premier League clubs vie for his services.

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