Letter: Carver to Gypse Town Hall

Steve Carver has my vote. I first met Steve in 1993 when I came to work at the Vail Beaver Creek Jet Center. Like most people, I immediately developed an affinity for Steve. Steve treats everyone like family. Steve is always looking for opportunities to help others. Whenever an opportunity arises to do a good deed or help others, Steve is there and encourages others to join him with his sweet smile.

Steve has served as our city’s mayor through some of the most significant developments in our community’s history, starting with annexing the airport, building our fantastic recreation center, securing our Costco, l purchasing the Cotton Ranch golf course, to securing a Tesla sales and service center, to name a few major accomplishments.

Steve is also a successful entrepreneur. At the airport, whether we were being fed by Big Steve’s Barbeque or getting help with vehicles that needed repair, Big Steve’s Towing was there for us. Steve has always been a staple for good food, good work and fun. Big Steve’s Towing has even helped the airport with rare accidents – no matter how late, cold, dark or urgent the circumstances, Steve knows how vital it is to reopen the airport safely.

Steve and his lovely wife, Christie, are wonderful people who care and have dedicated their lives to our city. Steve is a servant leader. Steve started his career as that kind of leader in the Marine Corps and he will never stop serving others. As long as Steve keeps running, he’ll get my vote.

Paul Gordon


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Edward L. Robinett