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Dear Bamishe,

Many of us did not know you and had not heard of you until news of your kidnapping and despicable murder inside BRT Bus came to light. The country is on fire! The women were screaming, the girls were moaning, the men of good will were upset. We were and still are bitter about what happened to you, but also about the many victims of kidnappings and ritual murders. You died an unfortunate death, but exposed the evil monster in a balaclava. Who would have ever suspected a BRT bus? A government owned and operated transportation system? God only knows how many have so far fallen victim to this heinous crime.

Please when you get to heaven there are many things we need you to tell God. Tell God that Nigeria, our home country, is besieged by evil and wrongdoers. We are not at war, yet peace is far from us and tranquility has eluded us. Tell him murders and kidnappings have become the order of the day. Tell him that we live as refugees in our homeland. Tell him the situation has gotten out of control and those who should be protecting us are the ones who are killing us. Tell God they are now using the body parts he gave us to make money, seek power, and seek election victory. Because they’re involved, they can’t protect us. Because they’re involved, they can’t stop it. Tell God that women’s underwear, used sanitary napkins and used baby diapers are now in great demand by these malefactors, how to dispose of them has become a headache for users as they dare not throw them away in the trash! Our young people now drink human blood as morning tea and munch on human excrement for dinner.

Tell God it was a bad government that killed you. Tell him there is no security in our country. Tell God no one is safe, nowhere is safe. Tell him that Uchenna Chijioke, my relative, was murdered in his car in Onitsha, Anambra State. Tell him little Hanifa Abubakar was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by the owner of her school and buried inside the school itself in Kano State! Tell God that Timothy Oludare, a masters student from Obafemi Awolowo University who was staying in a hotel in Osun State was murdered (allegedly by the hotel owner), and his corpse was buried in a shallow grave in the hotel premises! Tell God that Iniobong Umoren was murdered in Akwa Ibom State where she went to look for a job. How about Rofiat, the teenager who was massacred by her 17-year-old boyfriend and his friends in Abeokuta, Ogun State? His head was cut off and used to barbecue! Talk about her also to God.

Please don’t forget to tell God that even His Church is not spared in this bandwagon of senseless killings as UNIBEN student Uwa Omozuwa was raped and murdered at the even inside the church! Who do we turn to then? Even staying at home is not safe. Chiamaka, Miracle and Peter, were the three children abducted by their parents’ roommates in Ifo, Ogun State. Will we keep counting? The list is endless. What’s more, none of these victims have obtained justice, at least not to the knowledge of the public.

Please tell God that while other countries are advancing in technology and human development, our home country Nigeria is advancing in ritual killing and witchcraft. Tell God that the unknown gunmen are known and that the bandits are “nobles”. They taste and dine with the powers that be. Tell God to have mercy on our land and eliminate the wicked, not for us, but for the sake of our children and unborn generations. May God arise.

  • Unegbu-Ibebunjo is a lawyer based in Lagos

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