Live updates from UK Conservative leadership: No one wants Boris Johnson in Cabinet

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A snapshot opinion poll by Opinium Research found Sunak the clear winner in Sunday’s debate, ahead of Tory MPs’ third round of voting on Monday to further narrow the field to arrive at the final two candidates. At least one of the contenders with the fewest votes will be eliminated later Monday, followed by another round scheduled for Tuesday. Around 24 per cent of the 1,001 people who took part in the opinion poll thought the former chancellor had performed best, followed by chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee Tom Tugendhat at 19 per cent. Trade Secretary Penny Mordaunt was third with 17 percent, followed by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss with 15 percent. Former equality minister Kemi Badenoch was in last place, according to the viewers’ poll, with 12% of the vote.

However, a survey by conservative website Home on the Conservative membership base published on Sunday evening suggests that Badenoch’s popularity with members may increase as she has become the first choice among them, followed by Mordaunt. According to this survey, Badenoch would beat Mordaunt 59 per cent to 31% in a head to head if they made it to the bottom two. Mordaunt would also lose to both Truss and Sunak. The battle now centers on second place, with Tory MPs now under pressure for support around who is best placed to beat Sunak in the final leg of the race when Tory MPs will have their say in postal ballots from the end of this week. The winner of this ballot will be known by September 5 and will address Parliament as the new Prime Minister that week.

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Edward L. Robinett