Local businesses share inflation concerns

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — Cash registers are driving up sales at businesses, but those dollars coming in aren’t going as far as restaurants and retailers face the impact of inflation.

Local businesses in the area told WCTV that no matter how hard it gets, they won’t sacrifice the quality of their food.

“It’s the most pressure I’ve ever been under,” said Michael Holmes, owner of Uncle Maddio in Tallahassee.

Like other businesses, it feels the pinch of inflation daily.

“Every expense goes up and the margins go down as a local small business owner, the margin is already low, you know, you’re already trying to get by and so now it’s just pressure, pressure, the pressure,” Holmes said.

This pressure was also felt at Chicken Salad Chick stores in Tallahassee.

Operator Bob Gosselin said he had to raise prices three times this year alone.

He said he was paying more than double the price for chicken than 18 months ago.

“I mean we are Chicken Salad Chick, we can’t become a hot dog salad chick or a beef salad chick, I have to buy chicken,” said Bob Gosselin, owner of Chicken Salad Chick. “If we want to be Chicken Salad Chick, we have to have the chicken, we have to raise our prices to keep up with chicken prices.”

But the stress in the restaurant doesn’t stop there, Gosselin also faces shortages in the supply chain.

“We had a lot of times where we had to put up signs and it’s so weird. BBQ fries, I haven’t had any in two months. I have no idea where the barbecue chips are and I couldn’t get them,” Gosselin said.

Eddie Agramonte The owner of Gordo’s and Bumpa’s tried to combat soaring inflation by instituting fees for credit card use.

“It’s like 4 cents on the dollar that the credit card companies get that instead of withdrawing it from our end, the customer pays that directly,” said Gordo’s and Bumpa’s owner Eddie Agramonte.

Agramonte called on customers to show their support for local businesses.

“You never see chains at local events sponsoring baseball teams, you don’t see chains at small events supporting hospitals, it’s just us local guys and you can give back to us by coming back and supporting us. patronizing,” Agramonte said.

Many restaurants try to bring in customers by limiting price increases.

Federal data shows grocery store prices are up 12% over the past year and menu prices are up about 8%.

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