Mayans MC Creator Reveals How CM Punk Ended Up In Season 4

If you haven’t been watching the new season of Mayans MC on FX, it’s time to catch up. Not only does the Sons of Anarchy club rear its ugly head again, but a very surprising face appeared in the latest episode. The new season for Mayans is one of the most turbulent yet, with an internal grudge tearing the starting club apart at the seams and seemingly no hope on the horizon.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the fourth episode of Mayans Season 4, “A Crow Flew By”. If you haven’t watched it yet, stop now.

While the Sons of Anarchy have endorsed the war with the Mayans over the Dead Son since the start of Season 2 – and the club is currently at war with itself – one of the most interesting moments came in the form of a new character introduction. AEW wrestler CM Punk, who also appeared on Starz’ Heels, has officially entered the Mayans MC universe.

At a barbecue with his fellow military veterans, Gilly (Vincent “Rocco” Vargas) sits at a table with a friend from his time in the service – and that vet is played by none other than Punk. It’s an interesting scene that explores the dynamics of veteran life and will likely continue in one form or another throughout the season. After all, Mayans MC showrunner Elgin James confirmed to GameSpot that this wasn’t Punk’s only appearance on the show.

What you might be wondering, though, is how the hell did this cast come about. It turns out that James and Punk (Phil Brooks) move in the same circles.

“The straight edge bro,” James told GameSpot. “We’re both in the straight edge world. We met a few years ago and I was like, ‘Yo, I gotta do something with this guy. We gotta come up with something.'”

Fast forward to Season 4 of Mayans, and James and his team have built this role specifically for Punk. “We kind of designed it for him actually,” he said. “We knew we wanted to make history with Rocco and do the right thing with veterans. And then we were like, ‘well, what are the right ingredients to tell that story? And then it’s a perfect opportunity to finally work with Phil. He’s the man for you.

And, thankfully, he’s exactly what the show needed. Given Vargas’ history as a soldier in the U.S. military for over a decade, it’s important for James and the actor himself to properly explore the lives of veterans. According to the showrunner, this included Vargas and other veterans who work for the show sharing their stories with the cast on the day of filming.

“They knew what they were going to do and it was really emotional before that first day of shooting, Rocco talked to him for about an hour,” James said. “We had other veterans with us who are also on the show that you’ve seen on there. And it’s quite beautiful, they talk about their experience coming back and some of the challenges they face. So , the weight was on Punk’s shoulders to get it right. And of course there’s no one else you want that weight on because that dude is just a savage. He just brought it, not only physically but also emotionally.

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays on FX.

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