McDonald’s brings back the McRib for its 40th anniversary

The McRib is finally back Mcdonalds menus throughout the country.

The beloved fast food staple will be available at your local McDonald’s on November, 1st to celebrate the sandwich 40th anniversary. The sandwich has not been offered since December.

The company took to Twitter and teased a special announcement on Wednesday.

Thursday morning, they followed up with a tweet that read, “Person: … me: I think it’s time to bring back the McRib 11.1.”

Although it was not very popular when it was first released in nineteen eighty one, the McRib has remained incredibly popular over the years in part because of its exclusivity. Prior to its release in December, McDonald’s Boneless Pork Sandwich Dipped in Barbecue Sauce had not been on the menu since. 2012.

Fans can use the “McRib Locator” to track the return of the sandwich and order it via the McDonald’s app and McDelivery Service. People enrolled in the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program can also earn points by purchasing the McRib.

McDonald’s has yet to reveal how long the barbecue delicacy will be available this time around, so get yours while supplies last.

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