Met Office forecast for Leeds on Friday as sunny spells are expected

Most of Yorkshire is expected to experience a dry day with higher temperatures and sunnier spells. Leeds will see the same, the Weather report there will be windy periods, but most of the day the city will see clear skies with bright and sunny periods.

The morning will see sunny periods with patches of cloud, temperatures will start low around 10C before rising to highs of 16C in the afternoon. In the evening between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., there will be cloudy spells, before sunset.

There is very little chance of rain across the city and wind speeds will remain low. The Met Office predicts that showers yesterday (Thursday May 26) will have died down after a clearer night.

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The Met Office’s full forecast for Leeds reads: “A largely fine, dry day, with bright or sunny spells. Still quite breezy, particularly in the eastern parts. Feeling pleasantly warm in the May sun, with temperatures around the average. Maximum temperature 19 ° C. “

Throughout the morning, temperatures will vary. They will drop from 10C to around 13C and 14C around noon before rising further to 15C and remaining constant between 1pm and 7pm. Temperatures will begin to drop in the evening, but clearer skies will be seen.

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