Mount Rainier announces park-wide fire ban

Beginning Friday and until it is canceled, Mount Rainier National Park has implemented a parkwide fire ban on all campfires and the lighting of wood, briquettes or any fuel in the fireplaces, fire stoves and barbecues.

This ban is in place to reduce the risk of human-caused wildfires during critical weather conditions, the current poor air quality due to wildfire smoke, and heightened concerns over forest activity. nearby forest fires. Hot, dry, windy conditions and poor air quality are expected throughout this weekend.

Emergency road closures are in place due to the Goat Rocks Fire burning outside the park east of the southeast entrance. State Route 123 is closed for travel in either direction south of Ohanapecosh, preventing access into and out of Mount Rainier National Park via the southeast entrance. US 12 is closed near Skate Creek Road to mile post 151 near the top of White Pass. The Ohanapecosh Campground and Visitor Center are open. With the exception of the southern end of SR 123, all roads in Mount Rainier National Park remain open.

These actions are in accordance with the Superintendent’s Compendium and 36 CFR §2.13.

The use of kerosene-filled portable stoves, heaters and/or lanterns using liquefied or bottled fuel is permitted provided that these devices can be turned off.

It is still prohibited to discharge or use any type of fireworks, tracer ammunition or other incendiary devices at any location on Federal lands.

There are currently no fires burning inside Mount Rainier National Park. If you see smoke or flames inside the park or on nearby grounds, please call 911 or notify a ranger.

— Mount Rainier National Park press release

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Edward L. Robinett