Mourning girl ‘feels sick’ over Boris Johnson’s lockdown party allegations

Boris Johnson

The daughter of a key worker who died after contracting Covid-19 said it “made her sick” to think Boris Johnson was “partying” the day her father’s death certificate was signed.

Hannah Brady, spokesperson for the Covid-10 Bereved Families for Justice Group, said her father Shaun, who worked at the Kraft Heinz factory in Wigan, died four days before an email was sent by the Prime Minister’s private secretary appearing to organize drinks in the garden of number 10.

Martin Reynolds, the Prime Minister’s senior private secretary, emailed more than 100 Downing Street employees in May 2020 telling them they should ‘make the most of the good weather’, despite the fact that England be subject to strict Covid-19 restrictions.

ITV reported that the party took place on May 20, 2020 and alleged that it was attended by the Prime Minister and his wife Carrie.

Ms Brady said her father was 55 and was fit and healthy when he contracted Covid, and that she and her family had done ‘all they could’ to keep him safe during locking.

“These days will stay with me for the rest of my life, just like the families of the 353 people who died that day, my family couldn’t even get a hug from our friends,” she said.

“To think that while that was happening Boris Johnson was making the most of the time and having a party for 100 people is really amazing.

“Back then, everyone would have known that going to a party was wrong, so how could those in charge of the country think it was right? Could there be a more shameful example of “one rule for them, and another rule for the rest of us”? “

Hannah Brady with photos of Shaun and Margaret Brady, who died with Covid-19
Hannah Brady with photos of Shaun and Margaret Brady, who died with Covid-19 (James Manning / PA)

In September last year, Ms Brady was among five campaign families who met Mr Johnson.

She added: “To make matters worse, in September I sat in that same garden, looked the prime minister in the eye and told him how my father had died. He told me that he had “done all he could” to protect my father.

“Knowing he had partied in the same place the same day that dad’s death certificate was signed.” It makes me sick to think about it. “

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