Nigel Farage gives Boris a stark warning about the Brexit betrayal: “May see another victim of the Prime Minister” | Politics | News

He said Boris Johnson’s failure to complete Brexit ‘properly’ could end the PM. Nigel Farage’s damning comments as a series of scandals rock the Conservative Party, leaving the Prime Minister’s reputation in tatters. The former UKip chief said Mr Johnson’s failure to follow through on his post-Brexit post-Brexit pledges would see voters turn their backs on the Tory Party.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, he said: ‘People voted Johnson in 2019 to break the Brexit deadlock and regain control of our borders because the immigration issue still concerns them.

“Yet just two years later, the volume of illegal Channel crossings infuriated these voters.

“The North East is now home to 17 times more asylum seekers than the South East, according to the Migration Observatory.

“The impact of this is obvious to everyone. As the city council waitlist grows, there is a growing sense that Johnson has been telling voters what they want to hear about the “take back” without really telling it. to want. “

The former Ukip chief said history could repeat itself, with the right wing gaining momentum under Richard Tice’s Reform UK party, recalling Ukip’s growing popularity in the Barnsley Central by-election in 2011, which ultimately helped the UK break free from the EU.

Mr Farage said: “This by-election marked the start of the insurgency which led to the referendum on the EU and the ousting of David Cameron from Downing Street.”

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“Brexit did not end properly. The net zero strategy places our nation at a significant disadvantage. And the Channel crossings humiliate Great Britain.

“I understand the disillusionment of Red Wall voters who thought Brexit would usher in a new policy. This does not happen.

“It’s just the same thing – a conservative metropolitan chumocracy totally detached from the rest of the country. If Johnson realizes it, he can still save himself.

“I suspect, however, that the uprising on the right will cause another loss of prime minister.”

Mr Farage’s comments come after Mr Johnson’s lead over Labor in the Red Wall nearly evaporated when a new poll put the Tories 16 points behind Sir Keir Starmer’s party.

The Deltapoll survey found support for the Labor Party held steady at 40 percent.

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