Noel Gallagher: Boris Johnson as Prime Minister symbolizes how shameful Labor has become

Noel Gallagher sees Boris Johnson as a symbol of “how shameful the Labor Party is”.

The former Oasis star called Labor opposition to Tories and called the Tory PM’s victory in the 2019 general election a damning indictment by the opposing party.

He told ‘The Matt Morgan Podcast’: “He is the symbol of the shame of the Labor Party.

“If this man and this Conservative Party won a landslide against Labor, then what do we say about the f ****** Labor Party. A fucking shame.

“That conservative lot was like, ‘We’re going to date them then.’ That’s what happened, when they got all the votes in the North.

He also insisted that a Labor government would not make a difference in the UK, and he suggested he should create his own political party.

He said: ‘Let’s say you call an election tomorrow and vote against everyone and Labor, you will still be in the same position three or four years from now.

“They are not able to organize a party after the show. I should have a new party called After Show Party, that would be great. “

The 54-year-old musician – who has backed Tony Blair and New Labor – lambasted the party for “what they have become now” and called them “shame”.

He added: “They betrayed the working classes, they betrayed ordinary people and they allowed this shower to rule the country as long as they f ****** rule the country.

“The modern Labor Party is **** of the middle class who hate the working class, they hate it, it’s that simple.

“I haven’t voted for years. Any sane person who goes in all this circus is a ****** idiot. “

And the “Don’t Look Back In Anger” hitmaker floated the idea that he was a Tory simply because he didn’t think he could support the Labor Party anymore.

He said: “I see a lot written about me that I am a Tory because I don’t vote Labor.

“So it’s like, ‘Okay, so because I don’t believe in your version of the Labor Party that has to make me a Tory.’

“The arrogance of this comment by young c *** – sucks of the middle class is astounding. And if you don’t vote, you have to be a conservative. “

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Edward L. Robinett