Partygate: How the press bullied Boris Johnson into lifting the lockdown

There’s been a change in tone, hasn’t there?

A few months ago, the tabloids howled about partygate like a hurricane. On January 11, the Daily Express arrived at Johnson. “ENOUGH BORIS,” he shouted on his front page, “YOU MUST END PARTYGATE PUFFING NOW.”

On Tuesday, after much delay, police issued real fines to revelers, confirming what we’ve all known all along: the rules have been broken.

After all the hubbub, you might have thought it deserved a front-page story.

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You would be wrong – and not because it led to the events in Ukraine. The Express yesterday led a row within the Royal Family over Andrew’s role at Philip’s memorial. Much like the Daily Mail, while The Sun focused on the queen’s mourning.

The royal family has always acted as a shield for the establishment.

The Daily Telegraph mentioned the issue under the fold on its front page yesterday, but it disappeared from the newspaper’s front page today – a nod to an issue that is firmly in the past, rather than to an ongoing scandal.

And so are other favorite government newspaper websites today. You might expect to find brigades of columnists, furious – as they should be, as they were only so recently – that there is one set of rules for “us” and another for “ them “.

No chance. The Mail leads with Chris Rock’s musings on being slapped by Will Smith, and splashes on a moral panic over a trans cyclist, with its partygate reporting buried under a psychobabble about “laterness anxiety”. end of the world”. The Sun has the same story about Chris Rock and an exclusive about an alleged burglary at the Beckham mansion.

It’s all very strange, isn’t it? Until you remember what it was about in the first place.

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Edward L. Robinett