Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits St James Business Center

Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid a visit to the St James Business Center where he met business leaders during his recent whirlwind visit to Warrington.

ICC Solutions, installed in the business center for 25 years, welcomed the visit.

Clr. Wendy Maisey OBE, Chair of the Conservative Party and co-founder of ICC Solutions, said: “It was an honor to have the Prime Minister come to our offices and sign the guestbook. There was a good atmosphere and many people who worked in the business centre, regardless of their political beliefs, stopped work and came to listen to what Prime Minister Johnson had to say.

“He spoke about the fate of the Ukrainian people and the results of the ongoing sanctions against the Russian state. He also spoke about the fight against the cost of living crisis, the opportunities of Brexit and the upgrading program. He had already traveled to Warrington Hospital to open a new scanning unit with an MRI that will reduce waiting lists in the area.

Meanwhile, Cllr Maisey recently appeared on BCC North West Politics to talk about helping Ukrainian refugees

The main topic was the refugee crisis in Ukraine and Wendy explained how Warrington Borough Council was preparing for the arrival of families.

Wendy commented on the show: “There are already around 70 families in Warrington of Ukrainian origin that we can hopefully call on to help integrate the refugees who are arriving. The Council is already vetting people who offer accommodation and go to schools, doctors’ surgeries and other important services”.

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Edward L. Robinett